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Hello there all people..!!

welcome to the CWAPT i.e. the Complete Web utility Penetration Testing Practical Course . My determine is DEBAYAN DEY and that i’ll most likely be your Trainer for the CWAPT Course.

Now this course is designed for anyone who’s enthusiastic about finding out how an attacker assault and get the information from web page by exploiting different vulnerabilities on the market.

CWAPT is designed by preserving in ideas that almost all of us are having laptops or laptop computer machine to work for most of the time and in a survey , we bought right here up with the reply that lots of the Laptop computer prospects are very so much enthusiastic about Finding out how Web Utility Penetration Testing works and what are the tactic via which we use penetration testing and security skills to go looking out completely totally different vulnerabilities in web capabilities. As everybody is aware of , web page and webservers performs a necessary operate in every trendy group, Thats why on this course curriculum , Solely you need a computer gadget and this entire course is 100% wise primarily based ! isn’t this very good ??? and each little factor will most likely be outlined in depth , adopted with finding out provides and quizes which provides you a elevate throughout the self-discipline of Ethical Hacking!!! so multi useful , you merely require a computer gadget and swap it into extremely efficient ethical hacking machine.

Little transient about my determine ,   i am Licensed Secure Laptop computer Client (CSCU) v2 , and Licensed Ethical Hacker (CEH V10) from EC COUNCIL

moreover i am licensed Google IT assist from Google , and presently doing  micromaster  throughout the Self-discipline of Cyber Security from Rochester institute of experience (RIT) New York in edx .

listed below are few of my totally different accomplishments throughout the self-discipline of cyber security ,

  • Introduction to Cyber Assaults , New York Faculty
  • introduction to Cyber security for enterprise , Faculty of Colorado System
  • Palo Alto Networks academy cybersecurity foundation  , Palo alto networks
  • Worldwide cyber conflicts  , The State Faculty of New York
  • Cyber Assaults Countermeasures , New York Faculty
  • Networking ans security Construction with Vmware NSX
  • Enterprise System Administration and security ,Faculty of Colorado System

Rest we’ll have a meet and greet half to know totally different Learners …!!!

so whats there on this CAEHP COURSE?

To start with i would like to tell you , that this course simply is not restricted to time . you could even see 4 or 5 sections proper now , while you land on this course after few weeks , you’ll see additional sections and films are added up. so that’s the good thing about taking this course that you just’ll get frequent updates regarding the new choices and assaults and the best way you , as an individual explicit individual along with group or agency can forestall from such an assault.

The web utility penetration testing key ultimate result’s to find out security weak level all through all of the web utility and its parts (provide code, database, back-end neighborhood).It moreover helps in prioritizing the acknowledged vulnerabilities and threats, and potential strategies to mitigate them.

so preserving these outcomes in ideas , in 1st a part of CWAPT course ,

you’ll come all through the organising the lab environment whereby you’ll acquire N arrange digital area , then Kali linux 2020 and all of the configuration.

  • Meet and Greet !!!
  • Downloading and arrange of digital area
  • Understanding of what is Digital Machine
  • Download  of Kali Linux Digital Subject image
  • Arrange of Kali linux 2020
  • Booting up kali in digital area for the primary time
  • Default login and exchange and enhance
  • Full Show and understanding FSH i.e. File System Hierarchy
  • and relatively extra with Finding out Provides and Quizzes ..!!

in 2nd half ,

we’ll come all through different directions utilized in Kali Linux and we’ll get familiar with our Hacking machine. this half is crucial as you’ll be understanding the important directions which we’ll most likely be using in our course , so you should definitely understand this half very clearly.

  • Basic linux command who am i
  • Basic Directions su and pwd
  • Basic command ls contact nano
  • Basic command cat cp mkdir
  • Basic Command mv and rm
  • System and Client Directions
  • Neighborhood directions
  • Add New Client with full sudo Permission
  • Recommendations on learn how to delete individual using command line
  • and relatively extra with Finding out Provides and Quizzes ..!!

subsequent half , i.e. our third Half will cowl DVWA.

What’s  DVWA?

DVWA is a DAMM VULNERABLE WEB APP coded in PHP/MYSQL. Critically it is too weak. On this app security professionals, ethical hackers check out their skills and run this devices in a licensed environment. It moreover helps web developer increased understand the processes of securing web capabilities and teacher/school college students to indicate/research web utility security in a protected environment.

  • What’s DVWA
  • XAMPP Precept and Arrange
  • DVWA acquire Arrange and configuration with XAMPP
  • Command Injection Low , Medium and Extreme Security
  • File Inclusion Low , Medium and Extreme Security
  • File Add  Low , Medium and Extreme Security
  • XSS DOM Low , Medium and Extreme Security
  • XSS Mirrored Low , Medium and Extreme Security
  • XSS Saved Low , Medium and Extreme Security
  • and relatively extra with Finding out Provides and Quizzes ..!!

The intention of DVWA is to use a number of of the most typical web vulnerability, with different difficulties ranges.

We gonna research what’s DVWA used for , we’ll use XAMP and understand its working.

As a result of the determine suggests DVWA has many web vulnerabilities. Every vulnerability has four completely totally different security ranges, low, medium, extreme and unimaginable. The protection ranges give an issue to the ‘attacker’ and as well as reveals how each vulnerability could also be counter measured by protected coding.

We’ll cowl command injection , file inclusion , file add different cross web page scripts, we’ll come all through burp suite and relatively extra

So every month , you’ll get frequent updates on this DVWA half.

Coming to our 4th half , we’ll work with OWASP MUTILLIDAE.

OWASP Mutillidae II is a free, open provide, deliberately weak web-application providing a objective for web-security fanatic. it Has over 40 vulnerabilities and challenges. Incorporates on the very least one vulnerability for each of the OWASP Prime Ten 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2017.

  1. Download and arrange Mutillidae II
  2. Root entry denied mounted
  3. SQL Injection
  4. SQL Injection Reexplained
  5. SQL injection with SQL MAP
  6. Recommendations on learn how to resolve current hints in security stage 5 drawback
  7. Recommendations on learn how to scan a webserver using NIKTO
  8. XSS in Mutilidae Precept and Practical
  9. DOM primarily based XSS Clarification
  10. Mirrored XSS
  11. Saved XSS
  12. BEEF Framework
  13. and relatively extra with Finding out Provides and Quizzes ..!!

So from a variety of 40 vulnerabilities , 1st we gonna cowl , sql injection , sql map, strategies to resolve security stage challenges , we’ll study to scan webservers using Nikto , different XSS assaults , MORE Importantly , we’ll research the utilization of burp suite , and neef Framework , which may very well be essential to know and research from Website Penetration tester perspective and wr have relatively extra to cowl on this half as properly .

So every month , you’ll get frequent updates on this Mutillidae half as properly.

Coming to our subsequent half , i.e. fifth Half , we’ve now OWASP JUICE retailer.

OWASP Juice Retailer may be most likely probably the most trendy and sophisticated insecure web utility! It could be utilized in security trainings, consciousness demos, Ctfs and so forth.

  1. What’s OWASP Juice retailer and arrange of nodejs and npm
  2. OWASP juice retailer up in working
  3. Discovering the Ranking Board Diploma 1 Situation Downside
  4. Zero Star Options Diploma 1 Situation Downside
  5. Entry Confidential Doc Diploma 1  Situation Downside
  6. DOM primarily based XSS Diploma 1 Situation Downside
  7. Error Coping with Diploma 1 Situation Downside
  8. Missing Encoding Diploma 1 Situation Downside
  9. Bonus Payload DOM XSS Diploma 1 Situation Downside
  10. Uncovered Metrics Diploma 1 Downside
  11. Outdated WhiteList Diploma 1 Downside
  12. Privateness Protection Diploma 1 Situation Downside
  13. Repetitive Registration Diploma 1 Situation Downside
  14. and relatively extra to cowl …!!!

Juice Retailer encompasses vulnerabilities from all of the OWASP Prime Ten along with many alternative security flaws current in real-world capabilities!

In the intervening time we’re having 6 ranges in owasp juice retailer . we’ll start with stage 1 and recurrently improve our robust stage.

We gonna cowl , missing encoding , error coping with security , confidential doc , hoe to extract delicate information , we’ll see how we’re capable of invade privateness protection , weird cryptographic factors and relatively extra.

So every month , you’ll get frequent updates in Owasp Juice Retailer half as properly.

So , by going via all these sections , you’ll be comfortable adequate to know the way Web Utility Penetration Testing works and with frequent updates , you’ll be succesful to brush up your skills as properly.

Plus you’ll have a bonus half as properly which may data you via different upcoming applications as properly my Instagram internet web page and youtube channel the place you’ll get frequent updates throughout the self-discipline of cyber security and journey and tourism all through the globe.

So the entire sections will cowl Quizzes , Assignments and Finding out Provides .

Moreover , the entire sections will most likely be updated on frequent basis and new sections can also be added up , in order quickly as you may be enrolled throughout the course , you’ll actually gonna research different strategies how attackers assault and the best way we’re capable of protected ourselves from getting attacked.

  • Most importantly , this course is completely for educational goal
  • the entire assaults which an attacker perform  are demonstrated to you so that you just understand the experience and the art work behind it and in addition you’re not fooled by any kind of social engineering.
  • This course is for educational and consciousness goal , to make all people aware and be protected and defend your information.
  • Its a request , please do not perform any illegal actions , Udemy and me ( Debayan Dey ) simply is not answerable for  your illegal actions you perform.

Actually really feel Free to Attain out at any degree of time , i’ll most likely be fully glad to Help you to , and in case you face any PROBLEM , merely put up your DOUBTS , you could be Answered inside 24hrs to 48hrs of time ..!!!!!

so, welcome to the world of Complete Web utility Penetration Testing Practical Course .

ARE YOU EXCITED to research 100% full wise course  and help your family members , Group and Agency preserve secured and guarded from information theft and from hackers ?

need you all the best !!!

Do observe our Instagram internet web page and youtube channel for regular updates .

Need you all the best…!!!!

See you throughout the course landing internet web page ….!!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody enthusiastic about finding out web page & web utility hacking / penetration testing
  • Anyone who’s serious about how information is leaked from social media environments
  • Anybody web page hacking
  • Anyone who’s afraid of being hacked and need to protected his/her internet sites
  • Anyone who’s afraid of being hacked and need to protected his/her internet sites
  • Anybody enthusiastic about finding out strategies to protected internet sites & web capabilities from hacker
  • Web admins to permit them to protected their internet sites
  • Web builders to permit them to create protected web utility & protected their current ones


  • What’s Virtualization
  • What’s Digital Machine
  • Kali Linux 2020
  • Grasp Linux Directions
  • Troubleshoot Kali Linux
  • System Directions
  • Neighborhood Directions
  • Client Directions
  • Add and Delete Client with full Sudo Permission
  • What’s DVWA
  • What’s XAMPP
  • Command Injection Assault
  • File Inclusion Assault
  • File Add Assault
  • XSS Assault
  • DOM Based XSS Assault
  • Mirrored XSS Assault
  • Saved XSS Assault
  • What’s OWASP Mutillidae II
  • Root Entry
  • SQL Injection
  • Recommendations on learn how to resolve Security Challenges
  • Scan WebServer using NIKTO
  • Burp Suite
  • BEEF Framework
  • OWASP Juice Retailer

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