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Course Description

Python Scripting Complete Course

Mainly, all scripting languages are thought-about to be programming languages. The primary distinction between the 2 is that programming languages are compiled, whereas scripting languages are interpreted.

Scripting languages are slower than programming languages and normally sit behind them. Since they solely run on a subset of the programming language, they’ve much less entry to a pc’s native talents.

Python could be known as a scripting language in addition to a programming language since it really works each as a compiler and an interpreter. A normal Python can compile Python code into bytecodes after which interpret it similar to Java and C.

Nevertheless, contemplating the historic relationship between the final goal programming language and the scripting language, it will likely be extra applicable to say that Python is a general-purpose programming language which works properly as a scripting language too.

Purposes of Scripting Languages :

1. To automate sure duties in a program

2. Extracting data from an information set

3. Much less code intensive as in comparison with conventional programming languages

Who this course is for:

By the top of the course, you’ll have the next talent units:

The Python Interpreter

The Interpreter is a layer of software program that works as a bridge between this system and the system {hardware} to maintain the code working. A Python interpreter is an software which is answerable for working Python scripts.

The Python Interpreter works on the Learn-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) atmosphere.

The interpreter terminates after we use the exit() or stop() command in any other case the execution retains on going.

A Python Interpreter runs code in two methods—

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Course Requirements

  • Wanting to be taught Python Scripting

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