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312-50 Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exam-1


Pattern Questions:

Which of the next is a restriction being enforced in white field testing?

Solely the inner operation of a system is understood to the tester

The interior operation of a system is totally recognized to the tester

The interior operation of a system is just partly accessible to the tester

Solely the exterior operation of a system is accessible to the tester

Which of the next is a vulnerability in GNU’s bash shell (found in September of 2014) that provides attackers entry to run distant instructions on a susceptible system?





When safety and confidentiality of knowledge throughout the similar LAN is of utmost precedence, which IPSec mode must you implement?

AH Tunnel mode

AH promiscuous

ESP transport mode

ESP confidential

Jack was trying to fingerprint all machines within the community utilizing the next Nmap syntax: invictus@victim_server:~$ nmap -T4 -0 TCP/IP fingerprinting (for OS scan) xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. QUITTING! Clearly, it isn’t going by way of. What’s the difficulty right here?

OS Scan requires root privileges

The nmap syntax is incorrect.

The outgoing TCP/IP fingerprinting is blocked by the host firewall

It is a frequent habits for a corrupted nmap utility

Whereas performing on-line banking utilizing a Internet browser, Kyle receives an e-mail that accommodates a picture of a well-crafted artwork. Upon clicking the picture, a brand new tab on the internet browser opens and reveals an animated GIF of payments and cash being swallowed by a crocodile. After a number of days, Kyle seen that each one his funds on the financial institution was gone. What Internet browser-based safety vulnerability bought exploited by the hacker?


Internet Type Enter Validation

Cross-Web site Request Forgery

Cross-Web site Scripting

A hacker was in a position to simply achieve entry to an internet site. He was in a position to log in by way of the frontend person login type of the web site utilizing default or generally used credentials. This exploitation is an instance of what Software program design flaw?

Inadequate safety administration

Inadequate database hardening

Inadequate enter validation

Inadequate exception dealing with



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