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350-501 Implement Operate Cisco Service Provide Network Exam


Pattern Questions:

Q) Which element is much like an EVPN occasion?

A. router distinguisher

B. MPLS label

C. IGP router ID


Q) Why do Cisco MPLS TE tunnels require a link-state routing protocol?

A. The link-state database gives segmentation by space, which improves the path-selection course of.

B. The link-state database gives an information repository from which the tunnel endpoints can dynamically choose a supply ID.

C. Hyperlink-state routing protocols use SPF calculations that the tunnel endpoints leverage to implement the tunnel.

D. The tunnel endpoints use the link-state database to judge your entire topology and decide the very best path.

Q) Which assertion about implementation is true?

A. BGP updates from the iBGP friends are appended with a group of local-as.

B. BGP updates from the all BGP friends are appended with a group of no-export.

C. BGP updates from the eBGP friends are appended with an extra AS path worth that’s statically set by the area administrator.

D. BGP updates from the eBGP friends are appended with a BGPsec attribute sequence that features a public key hash and digital signature.

Q) You might be configuring MPLS traffic-engineering tunnels within the core. Which two methods exist for the tunnel path throughout the core? (Select two.)

A. The dynamic path choice is supported solely with IS-IS.

B. Tunnels could be configured with dynamic path or explicitly outlined path.

C. A zero bandwidth tunnel just isn’t a sound choice.

D. The bandwidth assertion creates a “onerous” reservation on the hyperlink.

E. Tunnel hyperlinks inherit IGP metrics by default except overridden.

Q) Which configuration mode do you utilize to use the mpls ldp graceful-restart command in IOS XE Software program?

A. MPLS LDP neighbor

B. interface


D. world

Q) After you analyze your community surroundings, you determine to implement a full separation mannequin for Web entry and MPLS L3VPN providers. For which purpose do you make this choice?

A. It allows EGP and IGP to function independently.

B. It allows you to decide on whether or not to separate or centralize every particular person service.

C. It’s simpler to handle a system by which providers are combined.

D. It requires just one edge router.

Q) Which assertion in regards to the Cisco MPLS TE forwarding adjacency function is true?

A. It allows the MPLS core to make use of EIGRP because the routing protocol.

B. It allows the Cisco MPLS TE tunnel to be marketed into the working IGP.

C. It allows the tailend router to promote routes to the headend router over the tunnel.

D. It allows the headend and tailend routers to determine a bidirectional tunnel.



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