Welcome to the WORLD’S FIRST EVER Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Taekwondo course.

This in-depth course will change your life on the way you view your Kata.

Let’s discuss what “Kyusho Jutsu” actually is. Kyusho merely is the examine of the human physique and its nervous system. By finding out this technique you’ll be able to take any of the strategies and kata in your system and make them extremely efficient, simple to apply, and devastating for anybody and everybody! You’ll start to find out how to interpret each transfer and uncover there may be completely NO WASTED Motion, each transfer has unimaginable energy and important which means… even the formal beginnings

How does all of it work? Kyusho Jutsu teaches you ways to disrupt an individual’s nervous system, permitting you to carry out numerous strategies and maneuvers with ease. Methods like joint locks, arm bars, and throws are completed by briefly shutting off numerous joints or by affecting particular nerves within the physique to make them extra painful and simpler to manipulate. This enables you to shortly disable and subdue any attacker or classroom associate.

Kyusho then turns into the nice equalizer that has been talked about within the arts for hundreds of years.

Whether or not you’re a Grand Grasp or a newbie, Kyusho Jutsu will assist you to to develop your artwork.

This course, Adding Kyusho Jutsu to Taekwondo Koryo Poomse is the primary program to mix the system of stress factors and Taekwondo in a simple-to-understand studying technique. 

Taekwondo Koryo Poomse consists of 13 Key Strikes – This course focuses on these 13 Key Strikes.

The course format is as follows:

1. Transfer introduction

2. Video clip of the motion inside the Koryo Poomsae

3. Kata rationalization of the approach and demonstration with stress factors assault.

4. Clarification of the stress factors used within the self-defense approach.

5. Studying Tip (Complete 13 ideas – taken from my Kyusho Jutsu Black Belt modules)

8 Hours of Taekwondo & Stress Level Coaching.

Bear in mind it isn’t the vacation spot, however the journey.

Thank You, Grand Grasp Ali

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