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Advanced English Grammar Tests (For ALL Exams: TOEFL IELTS)

In case you are in search of a big query/merchandise financial institution to observe your English grammar, you might be on the proper place!


This course presents 628 intermediate to superior degree English grammar questions inside 6 Observe Tests, all ready by skilled examination developer and merchandise author, Ulku Kucukakin. Additionally, all of the questions have educational vocabulary objects that you will want in your language exams. Come and expertise the standard of the questions your self!

Pattern Query #1: (Tenses)

1.  The success story of Beetles vehicles —- in 1947, and by 1972, the whole variety of Beetles vehicles out there —- 15 million.

A) was beginning / goes to achieve

B) had began / had been reaching

C) would begin / attain

D) began / had reached

E)  was going to start out / was reaching

Pattern Query #2: (Gerunds& Infinitives / Modal Verbs)

2. Younger poets choose —- in literary magazines as a substitute of publishing their very own books since they —- a reputation for themselves in literary circles this fashion.

A) being revealed / could have made

B) publishing / ought to make

C) to have revealed / make

D) to be revealed / could make

E) having revealed / are made

Pattern Query #3: (Gerunds & Infinitives)

3. The sample —- in winter has developed to permit Emperor penguins —- to independence at a time when meals is most plentiful.

A) of breeding / develop

B) breeding / to be grown

C) to breed / to develop

D) in breeding / grown

E) to have bred / rising

Pattern Query #4: (If Clauses)

4. If we —- again in time to the American Civil Conflict, a really completely different panorama —- seen.

A) journey / will likely be

B) may journey / can be

C) can journey / is

D) had travelled / would have been

E) travelled / may have been

Pattern Query #5: (Noun Clauses)

5. The traveler was amazed by —- there was an attractive parrot in a golden cage within the caravanserai, regularly repeating “Freedom!”

A) whether or not

B) that

C) the place

D) why

E) the truth that

Pattern Query #6: (Linkers)

6. Within the previous days, potatoes, carrots, and turnips had been very talked-about amongst folks, —- they might be saved all winter earlier than the invention of fridges.

A) whereas

B) irrespective of

C) each time

D) for

E) in distinction

Who this course is for:

  • Learners who’re making ready for worldwide language exams like TOEFL, IELTS, the PTE, or the TOEIC could have an opportunity to evaluate their grammar degree.
  • Learners who will take a language examination of their nation or overseas will profit extremely from this course. They’ll revise key grammar factors and observe key vocabulary objects.

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