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Automate WebServices Rest API (testing) using Java

Automate WebServices Rest API (testing) using Java, Put collectively Automation Java Suite for testing Rest API.

API testing is integration testing of API’s which checks the efficiency , effectivity & security options of API’s.

As GUI verify is hard to handle and requires a considerable amount of interval, API has developed as main testing of utility logic.

API to be examined are these which are developed by enchancment group or third social gathering API’s which we might devour in our problem.

API testing contains:

  • Calling the API with completely totally different parameter values
  • API boundary price conditions
  • Actions carried out by API i.e. updating database, calling totally different API
  • Validating Response

Widespread API which are used are REST implement in JSON format, which we will be wanting in the midst of the course. Rest has develop to be  hottest on account of it is gentle and simple to handle.

Rest-assured is library developed by Jaway which is best open provide library particularly designed to automated Rest API. It moreover helps XML and JSON Request/Responses.

No need of any gadget when it is worthwhile to automate API, simple coding experience will will let you good automation of API, will be taught in the midst of the course.


  • Request could also be merely prepared and ship over net
  • Assertions in Response info
  • Clear code which is easy to be maintained

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