Perceive the idea of backcasting and its advantages as a planning and
decision-making instrument that may leverage international knowledge & generative AI.Use generative AI as a co-creative pressure within the backcasting course of and
make the most of AI to determine lacking establishments, fields of information of
relevanceUnderstand the function of people as dwelling bridges to a solar punk future and
determine the talents and information wanted to be an efficient steward and
macro-leaderUtilize AI to generate credible fiction that displays each hopeful and
real looking aspirations for a solar punk futureConduct a hole evaluation and design eventualities for find out how to obtain a solar punk
future using tactical and strategic backcasting strategies.Determine key programs that must be modified with a purpose to obtain a solar
punk future and use the idea of Ikigai to determine one’s good function in
the world.Perceive the function of AI in co-creation and the way it may be used to generate
credible fiction.Develop a imaginative and prescient for a solar punk future that’s each hopeful and
real looking, using AI to generate credible fiction and overcome
limitations on dreaming.Perceive the significance within the backcasting strategy of drawing inspiration
from international knowledge to tell your imaginative and prescient for the future.Learn to use backcasting as a instrument for creating a hopeful and real looking
imaginative and prescient for the future and find out how to put it to use in your social improvements,work
& life,

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