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C++ And PHP Programming Complete Course


C++ And PHP Programming Complete Course

1)  C++ Complete Course

This course is an introduction to the C++ programming language and its subset, the C++ programming language. Program construction, block, storage varieties, console and file I/O, features, arrays, strings, pointers, call-by-reference, call-by-value, and dynamic reminiscence allocation shall be mentioned. The idea and use of lessons shall be lined in some element. The variations between C++ may even be mentioned.

Course Rationale: This course is designed to show college students the C++ programming language and introductory and intermediate programming ideas with examples and functions utilizing the C++ language. The course builds and extends subjects lined within the prerequisite course, COSC 1315 and prepares college students for extra superior programming programs similar to ITSE 2431 (Superior C++ Programming) and COSC 2415 (Information Constructions) in addition to for entry degree programming employment. The course is required for an Affiliate Diploma in a number of Pc Data Methods and Pc Science diploma areas.


Course Goals/Studying Outcomes:

  1. Exhibit an intensive understanding of modular programming by designing packages that require using programmer-defined features.
  2. Exhibit an intensive understanding of arrays by designing and implementing packages that search and kind arrays.
  3. Exhibit an intensive understanding of the object-oriented programming ideas of encapsulation, knowledge abstraction and composition by designing and implementing lessons together with using overloaded features and constructors.
  4. Exhibit an intensive understanding of the idea of pointers and dynamic reminiscence allocation by designing and implementing packages utilizing pointers and dynamic reminiscence allocation.
  5. Exhibit an intensive understanding of the implementation of programmer-defined features and lessons by writing code, performing unit testing and debugging of a number of complicated packages.
  6. Exhibit good documentation type in the entire packages written on this course.
  7. Exhibit proficiency in implementing knowledge validation code, performing unit testing, and growing take a look at plans whereas implementing sturdy options to the assignments on this course.
  8. Exhibit an intensive understanding of stream enter/output for each console and recordsdata.
  9. Exhibit an understanding of the variations between C++ within the areas of strings, go by reference/passing pointers, and structs by designing and implementing packages that use  C++ strings, C++ language structs and lessons.
  • Be taught on this Course
  • To study the basic programming ideas and methodologies that are important to constructing good C++ packages.
  • To follow the basic programming methodologies within the C++ programming language through laboratory experiences. …
  • To code, doc, take a look at, and implement a well-structured, sturdy laptop program utilizing the /C++ programming language.

2) PHP Programming :

Introduction To PHP Programming:

  • This part will study the fundamental construction of an online utility and the way an online browser interacts with an online server. You will be launched to the request/response cycle, together with GET/POST/Redirect. You will additionally achieve an introductory understanding of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), in addition to the fundamental syntax and knowledge constructions of the PHP language, variables, logic, iteration, arrays, error dealing with, and superglobal variables, amongst different components.


  • Internet ideas of Php
  • primary syntax
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Task Operators
  • New php-7 options scalar kind declaration
  • Class and objects
  • inheritance

Thanks and see you contained in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • For Folks New to C++ And Java And PHP
  • For Folks Who need to study C++ Fundamentals and PHP and later Transition into Internet improvement and software program improvement

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