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CFA Level 1: Smart Tips & 110 Page Workbook To Pass CFA L1

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CFA Level 1: Smart Tips & 110 Page Workbook To Pass CFA L1

Matters Coated: Ethics, Quants, Economics. Company Issuers, Fairness, Mounted Revenue, Derivatives & Portfolio Administration

What you’ll study

  • Methods and Tips to Smash Ethics and Rating 14% out of whole 15%
  • Learn the way Essential it’s to take Rating good in Ethics for the CFA Level 1 Examination
  • Know that out of the three sections of Ethics, which one is essentially the most Essential
  • Get an understanding of the 7 Requirements of Skilled Conduct
  • Crucial matter of CFA Level 1 Examination: Speculation Testing and all of the small ideas wanted to deeply perceive speculation testing matter
  • The Crown Jewel matters of CFA Level 1 Quantitative Strategies embody: Imply, Variance, Commonplace Deviation, Correlation, Regular Distribution, T-Distribution
  • Chi Sq. Distribution, F-Distribution, P-Values, Confidence Intervals, Level of Signifinace,
  • A Smart Chart to establish the kind of take a look at relevant for a given Speculation Drawback
  • Some very Usefel Examination Tips and Methods to Sort out a Tough Subject Space of CFA Level 1 Examination i.e. Quantitative Strategies
  • A Strong and Environment friendly plan from Jhan Burger to crack down CFA Level 1 Economics Part
  • Macro Economics: The Large 5: GDP, Un-Employment, Inflation, Financial Coverage, Fiscal Coverage
  • Worldwide Economics: Currencies, Direct Quote, InDirect Quote, CIRP, Arbitrage, Ahead Forex Fee
  • Micro Economics: Provide and Demand Curves, 4 constructions of an Trade: Monopoly , Monopolistic, Oligopoly, Pure Competitors
  • You’re going to get launched to a different matter space of CFA Level 1 Examination: Company Issuers
  • Technique for tackling and passing Company Issuers
  • Perceive Company Issuers significance for the CFA Level 1 Examination
  • Perceive crucial idea of Company Issuers: Weighted Common Price of Captial (WACC)
  • Discover ways to calculate the Price of Widespread Fairness utilizing three completely different strategies
  • Discover ways to calculate the price of most popular fairness and the price of debt
  • Study Smart Tips for the Fairness Investments Subject Space of CFA Level 1 Examination
  • Study Most popular Inventory Valuation System
  • Study Justified Worth to Earnings System
  • Study Gordon Progress Mannequin to Worth Widespread Fairness
  • Three and 5 Issue Du-Pont Evaluation
  • System for Beta in two varieties: Covariance and Correlation
  • You’re going to get launched to the Mounted Revenue Part of the CFA Level 1 Examination
  • You’ll study in regards to the fundamentals of a set earnings safety i.e., Defining Components which is able to embody Bond Maturity, Coupon Fee, Yield to Maturity, Par Worth
  • You’ll study in regards to the relationship between YTM and Coupon Fee. Which provides you with an perception to low cost and premium bonds
  • Valuation of a Mounted Revenue Safety (Plain Vanilla)
  • Detailed Understanding of the Worth to Yield Curve
  • Yield Curve aka Time period Construction of the Curiosity Charges
  • Curiosity Fee Rrisk – Period – Three Measures of Period – Macualey Period – Modified Durationn – Efficient Period
  • The idea of Period Hole and its impression on Curiosity Fee Threat – Worth Threat vs Reinvestment Threat
  • The Relationship between YTM, Spot Charges, and Ahead Charges
  • Lego Block Technique to find out a ahead fee given spot charges
  • Embedded Choices in a Bond: Name, Put, Covertible, Contingent Covertible, Flooring, Put
  • The idea of the Z-Unfold and the Choice-Adjusted Unfold
  • Curiosity Fee Threat relation with Maturity, Coupon Fee, and the Yield Level
  • Perceive the Fundamentals of By-product Contracts
  • Pricing a By-product Contract
  • Valuing a By-product Contract
  • Distinction Between Pricing and Valuing a By-product Contract
  • Fundamentals Ahead Contracts
  • Fundamentals of Future Contracts
  • Fundamentals of Swap Contracts
  • Fundamentals of Choice Contracts
  • Choice Greeks
  • Put-Name Parity
  • Essential Smart CFA Level 1 Examination Tips for Portfolio Administration
  • Imply Variance Evaluation, Minimal Variance Frontier
  • Trendy Portfolio Principle, Markowitz Environment friendly Frontier, Utility Curves
  • Capital Market Principle, Capital Allocation Line, Capital Market Line, Safety Market Line, Capital Asset Pricing Mannequin
  • Beta, Sharpe Ratio, Roy’s Security First Ratio, Treynor Rati


  • Fundamental data of finance


  • Get instantaneous entry to a 110 Page Level 1 workbook with key takeaways from Jhan’s classes; comply with alongside, and hold them for reference to spice up your present institute materials
  • Introduce your self to our neighborhood of CFA Monetary Statements Level 2 college students on this course and inform us your objectives; you will want all the assistance you may get to cross this powerful part of CFA
  • Encouragement and celebration of your progress each step of the best way: 25% > 50% > 75% & 100%
  • Over 14 hours of Jhan’s signature CFA coaching – humorous, vigorous and really visible step-by-step directions, classes, and engagement
  • CFA  Data Checks to evaluate your data and expertise

The CFA isn’t laborious

It’s HOW you put together for it that makes it laborious.

Most prep materials suppliers use a linear instructing system… You need to learn by way of pages, drowning in content material and particulars, making it extraordinarily tough to recollect what you might be anticipated to on examination day.

Perceive in just a few hours ideas you’ve been fighting for weeks if not months

No mock exams or system sheets inside. What you’ll get is highly effective movies providing you with sharp, concise and straight to the purpose explanations that can enable you take advantage of out of the fabric you’ve got (no matter it’s) and get laser-focused on what’s vital on examination day.

What you’ll study

  • Introduction to Ethics, It’s Significance and essentially the most essential part; Requirements: Professionalism, Integrity of Markets, Duties to Purchasers & Employers; Requirements: Suggestions, Conflicts of Curiosity, CFA Stuff;
  • Intro to Quantitative Strategies and The Key to Unlocking Speculation Testing; Variance and Commonplace Deviation Defined; What are Confidence Intervals?; Study Z-Rating and Regular Distribution; Distinction between Chebyshev’s Inequality and Regular Distribution; Given a Regular Distribution and Std Dev, methods to construct a Confidence Interval?; One other factor it is advisable find out about Regular Distribution and Commonplace Deviation; Scholar’s T – distribution and its variations from Regular Distribution; Log Regular Distribution and its variations from Regular and T – Distribution; Study Central Restrict Theorem and Sampling Means Distribution; The Idea of Commonplace Error: When to make use of it as a substitute of Commonplace Deviation; The Inhabitants Parameters and the Pattern Statistics; Introduction to Speculation Testing: Stating Null vs Alternate Speculation; Sort 1 vs Sort 2 Errors; A Time Saving Chart to Establish Sort of Take a look at for a given Speculation Drawback – 1; A Time Saving Chart to Establish Sort of Take a look at for a given Speculation Drawback – 2; Speculation Testing Complete Instance – Half 1; Speculation Testing Complete Instance – Half 2; Speculation Testing Complete Instance – Half 3; Shortcut to Speculation Take a look at: P-Worth and a Last Phrase on Speculation Testing;
  • Introduction to Economics: A Plan to Take care of the Unbelievable Quantity of Quantity; Mixture Provide and Demand Curves, GDP, Revenue & Expenditure Strategy Half – 1; Mixture Provide and Demand Curves, GDP, Revenue & Expenditure Strategy Half – 2; Understanding Brief and Lengthy Run Mixture Provide and Mixture Demand Curves; Components that may Shift Lengthy Run Mixture Provide (LRAS) – Full Employment GDP; Unemployment: Seasonal, Structural, Frictional, Cyclical – Study the Distinction; Theories of Enterprise Cycle: Neoclassical, Keynesian, Monetarist, Austrian; Output Hole: Inflationary vs Recessionary – Find out how to cut back or remove it?; Shifting the Mixture Demand Curve to Eradicate the Output Hole; Study What’s Financial Coverage and the three completely different instruments to implement it; How does the Expansionary Financial Coverage improve Mixture Demand and GDP?; Study What’s Fiscal Coverage and How does it impression the GDP?; Continuation: Connecting Fiscal and Financial Coverage to GDP; Studying the Idea of Inflation and its two varieties: Demand-Pull & Price-Push; Study Currencies: Worth Forex (Quoted), Base Forex, Bid-Ask Unfold; Discover ways to calculate the appreciation & depreciation of a foreign money in % phrases; Instance: Forex Appreciation/Depreciation Calculation in % Phrases; Discover ways to Calculate Forex Cross Fee: X Guidelines; Pricing a Forex Ahead Contract – Half 1; Pricing a Forex Ahead Contract – Half 2; Pricing a Forex Ahead Contract – Half 3; Market Constructions: Monopoly-Oligopoly-Monopolistic-Pure Competitors; Market Constructions and the Demand Curves: Half 1; Market Constructions and the Demand Curves: Half 2; Market Constructions  and the Financial Revenue;
  • Intro to Company Finance and its most vital matter: WACC; Three completely different strategies of calculating Price of Widespread Fairness to compute WACC; Price of Most popular Fairness and Price of Debt: Discover ways to calculate them;
  • Introduction to Fairness Investments; Deriving system for Most popular Share (perpetuity) and Gordon Progress Mannequin; Deriving system for Justified/Elementary Worth to Earnings Ratio; Sustainable Progress Fee (SGR) system and Three-Issue Du-Pont Evaluation; Simple and Easy Strategy to Perceive five-factor Du-Pont Evaluation; Increase the Fairness System and Connecting it to WACC; Price of Widespread Fairness Formulation and Connecting it to Portfolio Administration Content material; Beta System and Derivation;
  • Introduction  to Mounted Revenue Securities: The Hardest Nut to Crack; Mounted Revenue Securities: Defining Components; Valuing a Mounted Revenue Safety: Annual Coupon Paying Bond; Low cost Bonds vs Premium Bonds – Coupon Fee vs Yield to Maturity (YTM); Mathematically Understanding the Inverse Worth-Yield Relationship; Graphically Understanding the Inverse Worth-Yield Relationship; Understanding the Yield Curve – Time period Construction of Curiosity Charges; Curiosity Fee Threat also referred to as Period & Its Three Totally different Measures; Macauley Period: Clarification and Calculation; Period Hole: Macauley Period – Funding Horizon -Worth vs Reinvestment Threat; Recap: Bond Valuation-Worth to Yield Curve-Macauley Period-Convexity;
  • Recap: Period Hole – Optimistic vs Detrimental – Worth Threat  vs Reinvestment Threat; Modified Period: Study the Idea & the First Technique of Calculating it; Modified Period: Study the Second Technique of Calculating it; Recap: Macaulay Period and Modified Period; Efficient Period: How it’s completely different than from length measures?; Valuing a Bond utilizing Spot Charges; Distinction Between Spot Charges and YTM; Drawback with Modified Period: Ignores Convexity of the Worth to Yield Curve; The Relationship Between Brief-Time period Ahead Charges and Spot Charges; Lego Block Technique to Calculate a Ahead Fee utilizing Spot Charges – Instance # 1; Lego Block Technique to Calculate a Ahead Fee utilizing Spot Charges – Instance # 2; Contingency Provisions-Embedded Choices: Convertible, Callable, & Putable Bonds; Curiosity Fee Flooring and Cap – Understanding the idea of Z-Spreads; Understanding Choice-Adjusted Unfold (OAS) & Callable Bond’s Detrimental Convexity; Perceive Why a Putable Bond has a better Optimistic Convexity; How a Bond’s Maturity, Coupon, and Yield Level have an effect on its Period;
  • Introduction to Derivatives; Fundamentals of Pricing a Derivatives Contract; Fundamentals of Valuing a Derivatives Contract; Ahead Contracts: Understanding the Fundamental Ideas; Swap Contracts: Understanding the Fundamental Ideas; Future Contracts: Understanding the Fundamental Ideas; Choice Contracts: Understanding the Fundamental Ideas; Name and Put Choices: Strike Fee, Train Worth, Spot Fee, Premium; Name Choice: Revenue, Loss, and Breakeven with Diagram; Revenue and Loss Diagram for Lengthy Name, Brief Name, Lengthy Put, and Brief Put; Giving preview on final lesson and discussing what impacts possibility on pricing; Greeks: Components that Decide the Worth of an Choice; What’s Put-Name Parity ? Perceive the Fundamental Idea; Understanding Protecting Put, Fiduciary Name, and Artificial Choices; Introduction to Portfolio Administration and Imply-Variance Evaluation; Minimal Variance Frontier, World Minimal Variance Portfolio & Utility Curves; Deriving Markowitz Environment friendly Frontier from Minimal Variance Frontier; Capital Allocation Line, Capital Market Line, Sharpe, Roy, Treynor Ratios; Complete threat: Diversifiable threat and Undiversifiable threat – Dialogue; Safety Market Line, Beta, Capital Asset Pricing Mannequin; Essential for CFA Level 1 Examination: CAPM Calculations and Jensen’s Alpha;

We made tough matters simple and straightforward matters simpler.​

Tackling the CFA’s huge curriculum may be an absolute mountain to climb, however we undoubtedly made the fabric far more accessible and the entire preparation course of a lot simpler. This on-line revision course compresses tough and sophisticated topics into memorable and easy-to-understand ideas. We managed to maintain such a protracted and dense curriculum approachable and fascinating. You’ll watch straight-to-the-point and satisfying movies so you possibly can study key materials whereas stress-free after (or earlier than) a full day’s work.

100% specializing in the toughest areas you might be fighting proper now.

We break down advanced research content material into easy-to-understand ideas so it is possible for you to to become familiar with content material that had beforehand appeared not possible in self-study. By specializing in key areas and linking theoretical ideas to actuality, your understanding of the completely different ideas will considerably improve. We offer you methods that can enable you perceive essentially the most advanced space of this system and rework the advanced research into easy-to-understand stuff. We give you a novel and unparalleled means to transpose advanced and tough matter areas into easy-to-understand constructing blocks.
Focus your restricted time on the areas that actually matter, acquire laser- focus and perceive key ideas in lower than 28 days.

We might help you cowl a whole lot of materials in a comparatively brief period of time with out compromising on high quality and understanding. We do extra than simply undergo the supplies and clarify ideas… we give you finding out methods, revision methods, and time-saving inventive methodologies that can assist you maximize the time it’s a must to spend mastering this curriculum. What you’ll get are highly effective movies providing you with sharp, concise, and straight-to-the-point explanations that can can help you join the appropriate dots very quickly and really speed up your understanding of essentially the most difficult elements of this system so that you get laser-focused on what’s vital on examination day.

A novel Instructing Type you possibly can recall even years after your examination.

The Visible Technique we’re going to introduce you is far simpler to know in comparison with the textual content books. By combining mnemonic gadgets, intelligent Tips & Tips, analogies, storytelling, colourful schemes, acronyms, and mnemonics (all with good humor), you’ll study and retain the syllabus simply, in a enjoyable, informative, and interesting method. It will enable you sit for the examination with confidence, realizing that you may visually recall every thing…

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for individuals who need to cross CFA Level 1

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