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Classical Physics: how to solve advanced mechanics problems

Classical physics problems solved with the Lagrangian method

What you’ll study

  • How to sort out graduate-level problems in classical mechanics
  • the kinematics of inflexible our bodies
  • How to cope with non-inertial frames of reference
  • How to calculate the angular velocity of a inflexible physique
  • How to calculate the frequency of small oscillations
  • How to analyze the dynamics of inflexible our bodies
  • How to calculate the inertia matrix and moments of inertia
  • How to assemble a Lagrangian in classical mechanics
  • The significance of the Lagrange formalism
  • How to derive the Hamiltonian (vitality) of a system


  • how to calculate a number of integrals (that is vital for the calculation for the moments of inertia for instance)
  • derivatives
  • vector notation (dot and cross product)
  • matrix multiplication

Who this course is for:

  • College students who would love to study essentially the most normal formalism to sort out advanced problems in classical mechanics

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