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On this course, we’ll handle the local weather change phenomenon from many angles and we’ll talk about its causes, consequences, and solutions.

Greenhouse gases are the explanation behind this phenomenon. These gases, primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, have elevated in focus lately within the ambiance due to fossil gas combustion, agriculture and livestock, and deforestation.

These gases maintain photo voltaic radiation and enhance the earth’s temperature, which ends up in international warming which ultimately causes local weather change. The rise of carbon dioxide focus within the air causes additionally oceans acidification.

Climate change generates loads of negative effects on many ranges corresponding to Excessive climate occasion intensification like floods and droughts, melting of ice caps and glaciers, propagation of illnesses and pests, habitat destruction, coral bleaching, and many social and financial impacts.

Thus, we organized the course on local weather turn into three elements :

Half one discusses direct causes of local weather change, primarily fossil power, agriculture, and deforestation, and oblique causes like capitalism, company lobbying, cryptocurrency, and science deniers. It additionally explains greenhouse gases’ origins and the ideas of world warming and local weather change.

Half 2 particulars a few of local weather change consequences, corresponding to :

     • Excessive climate and pure disasters

     • Ice Melting

     • Illness provider and pest propagation

     • Habitat destruction and wildlife loss

     • Coral reef destruction

     • Financial and social consequences

Half 3 is devoted to solutions to cease local weather change, which incorporates solutions on governmental and particular person ranges, renewable power, and transport electrification.

I hope you benefit from the course!

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