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Control Systems Engineering from Scratch


Hey all, Welcome to my course on ‘Control Systems Engineering’

This course gives you a deeper understanding on Control Systems and it is ideas.

The ideas that we’ll be discussing on this course:

1. Systems – Fundamentals, Sorts, Open Loop, Closed Loop

2. SISO/MISO Systems

3. Linear and Non Linear Systems

4. Time Variant and TIme Invariant Systems

5. Causal and Non Causal Systems

6. Necessity of Transforms

7. Laplace Transforms – Introduction, Formulae, Inverse Laplace Transforms

8. Laplace Transforms to unravel differential equations

9. Take a look at indicators – unit step operate, impulse operate, ramp operate, parabolic operate.

10. Switch operate.

11, Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits

12. Switch operate of a Low Move Filter.

13.  Block Diagrams – Ideas, Discount guidelines, Issues

14. Time response evaluation – First Order, Second Order Systems

15. Poles and Zeroes – Examples

16. Regular State Error

17. Error Constants Kp, Kv, Ka

18. Stability Evaluation

19. Relative stability plots.

and way more

A Control Systems Engineer is chargeable for designing, creating, and implementing options that management dynamic programs. The purpose of a Control Systems Engineer is to carry stability to those continuously altering programs to provide the specified end result. It’s a area of engineering that’s extensive and various.

For aggressive exams like GATE, ESE , Control Systems is likely one of the most examined topics.

So what are you ready for?

Every part is roofed from scratch!

I am going to see you there in my course.



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