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Data Structures | Algorithms:CODING INTERVIEW 25Days of Code


Welcome to the Coding Interview Bootcamp!

When you get an interview from a prime tech firm, the one factor that issues so that you can get your dream Software program Engineering position is your efficiency within the coding Interviews.

The one approach to ace the coding interview is to take one downside at a time and actually perceive methods to clear up it after which do that for lots of issues to get adequate instruments and strategies in your arsenal to face and conquer any coding interview. That is what my purpose is for you with this course.

This course is structured as DAILY CODING CHALLENGES to provide you a transparent goal for day by day. By not lacking a single day and by staying constant you should have solved a range of questions by the top of this course, getting you ready for coding interviews and extra observe by yourself from Leetcode.

We begin proper from the fundamentals and talk about Huge O evaluation after which transfer on to cowl the widespread information buildings after which talk about actual life issues requested in Huge Tech firms akin to Google, Meta, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft and so forth.

For Every Query we talk about :

   1. The Logic or the strategy by which we are able to method this query in an optimum method

   2. The Time and Area complexity of the Answer

   3. Code the Answer in Javascript ( You may comply with alongside in any coding language of your selection)

This course additionally consists of a number of downloadable assets, trackers to maintain you motivated, and cheat sheets to make your coding interview prep easy.


  • DAY 1: Arrays

    Data Structures Introduction

    Huge O

    DS: Arrays Crash Course

    Query 1: Sorted Squared Array

    Query 2: Monotonic Array

  • DAY 2: Arrays

    Query 1: Rotate Array

    Query 2:Container with most Water

  • DAY 3: Hash Desk

    DS: Hash Tables Crash Course

    Query 1: Two Sum

    Query 2:Isomorphic Strings

  • DAY 4: Recursion

    Query 1: Fibonacci

    Query 2:Energy Sum

  • DAY 5: Recursion

    Query 1: Permutations

    Query 2:Energy Set

  • DAY 6: String

    DS: Strings Crash Course

    Query 1: Non repeating character

    Query 2: Palindrome

  • DAY 7: String

    Query 1: Longest Distinctive char Substring

    Query 2: Group Anagrams

  • DAY 8: Looking out

    Query 1: Binary Search

    Query 2: Search in Rotated Sorted array

  • DAY 9: Looking out

    Query 1: Discover First and Final Place of Ingredient in Sorted Array

    Query 2: Search in 2D Array

  • DAY 10: Sorting

    Query 1: Bubble Kind

    Query 2: Insertion Kind

  • DAY 11: Sorting

    Query 1: Choice Kind

    Query 2: Merge Kind

  • DAY 12: Sorting

    Query 1: Fast Kind

    Query 2: Radix Kind

  • DAY 13: Singly Linked Record

    DS: Linked Record Crash Course

    Query 1:  Assemble SLL

    Query 2: delete duplicates

  • Day 14: Singly Linked Record

    Query 1:  Reverse SLL

    Query 2: Cycle Detection

  • DAY 15: Singly Linked Record

    Query 1: discover duplicate quantity

    Query 2: Add 2 numbers

  • DAY 16: Doubly Linked Record

    Query 1: DLL take away insert

    Query 2: DLL take away all, insert at place

  • DAY 17: Stacks

    DS: Stacks Crash Course

    Query 1:  Assemble Stack

    Query 2: Reverse Polish Notation

  • DAY 18: Queues

    DS: Queues Crash Course

    Query 1: Assemble Queue

    Query 2: Implement Queue with Stack

  • DAY 19: Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree

    DS: Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree Crash Course

    Query 1: Assemble BST

    Query 2: Traverse BST (Breadth first and Depth first – Inorder, Preorder,Submit order)

  • DAY 20: Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree

    Query 1: Degree Order traversal

    Query 2: Left/Proper View of binary tree

  • DAY 21: Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree

    Query 1: Invert Binary Tree

    Query 2: Diameter of binary tree

  • DAY 22: Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree

    Query 1: Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree

    Query 2: Validate BST

  • DAY 23: Heaps and Precedence Queue

    DS: Heaps Crash Course

    Query 1: Max Heap Development

    Query 2: min Precedence Queue Development

  • DAY 24: Graphs

    DS: Graphs Crash Course

    Query 1:  BFS – Adj Record and Adj Matrix

    Query 2: DFS – Iterative and Recursive

  • DAY 25: Graphs

    Query 1: Quantity of related elements

    Query 2: Course Scheduler / Topological kind

I am certain you will love this course and so we’re providing a full money-back assure for 30 days in case you aren’t certain in the mean time!

Enroll right this moment and see you contained in the course !

Let’s make your desires come true

– Jackson



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