1. What are the present developments and areas of curiosity in DBMS?

2. What is supposed by Open supply DBMS?

3. What’s the that means of Cloud-based DBMS? What are the varied advantages of cloud-based DBMS?

4. Why is the information safety a high most precedence for DBMS?

5. What is supposed by multi-cloud DBMS?

6. What are the varied advantages of Automated DBMS?

7. What are the some developments which might be shaping the way forward for DBMS?

8. Why the organizations are shifting in direction of Cloud-based DBMS?

9. What is supposed by Blockchain expertise?

10. What are varied variations between SQL and NoSQL databases?

11. Which Question language is utilized by NoSQL databases?

12. What’s the that means of vertical scaling?

13. What is supposed by Horizontal scalability?

14. Whether or not NoSQL databases comply with ACID properties strictly?

15. How does the relational mannequin deal with information integrity and implement constraints?

16. How does relational mannequin guarantee entity integrity?

17. How does relational mannequin guarantee referential integrity?

18. What are some generally used constraints utilized by the relational mannequin to implement information integrity guidelines?

19. What does a Not-null constraint guarantee?

20. What’s the operate of Default constraint?

21. What’s the full type of “ACID” properties in DBMS?

22. What are the broad classes of information fashions?

23. What are the primary kinds of NoSQL information fashions?

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