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Developing CRUD Application using FASTAPI Python & MongoDB


On this course, you’ll study to develop Relaxation API using FAST API, Python and MongoDB.

FastAPI is a contemporary, quick (high-performance), internet framework for constructing APIs with Python 3.6+ primarily based on commonplace Python kind hints.

We’ll develop REST API using HTTP strategies like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, and reply information in JSON format with correct HTTP standing codes.

We’ll join MongoDB with our FastAPI software and carry out the required CRUD operation.

FAST API is the quickest option to create RestFul webservices, it has excessive efficiency.

The important thing options are:

  • Quick: Very excessive efficiency, on par with NodeJS and Go (because of Starlette and Pydantic). One of many quickest Python frameworks accessible.

  • Quick to code: Enhance the pace to develop options by about 200% to 300%. *

  • Fewer bugs: Scale back about 40% of human (developer) induced errors. *

  • Intuitive: Nice editor help. Completion in all places. Much less time debugging.

  • Straightforward: Designed to be straightforward to make use of and study. Much less time studying docs.

  • Quick: Decrease code duplication. A number of options from every parameter declaration. Fewer bugs.

  • Sturdy: Get production-ready code. With automated interactive documentation.

  • Requirements-based: Primarily based on (and totally appropriate with) the open requirements for APIs: OpenAPI (beforehand generally known as Swagger) and JSON Schema.



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