Now individuals want to make use of Blogs and different Digital codecs to write down Diary however the conventional model of writing in a Paper Diary continues to be a preferred type of expression of 1’s emotions, feelings and ideas. Diary writing is a private type of writing the place an individual maintains a diary and writes about emotions, occasions, conversations, observations and happenings in his/her private life. He can report incidents, reactions and another memorable issues that occurred throughout the day.

On this course, we are going to study:

1. What’s Diary Writing?

2. Paper Diary vs. Digital Diary, which is healthier?

3. Why write a Diary? or Benefits of Diary Writing.

4. Tips for writing a Diary or Tips about Diary Writing

5. Whether or not we must always fear about grammar and spelling whereas writing Diary?

6. Date is a crucial a part of each diary entry. Focus on.

7. Whether or not it’s essential so as to add topic or heading whereas writing a diary on any day?

8. Diary must be written within the first particular person. Focus on.

9. Whether or not it’s essential to present title to the diary?

10. Diary must be written in Current Tense or Previous Tense or Future Tense. Focus on.

11. Format of Diary writing with examples-

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