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This course introduces the essential ideas of digital techniques, comparable to quantity techniques, boolean algebra, logic networks and their simplification, canonical varieties, combinatorial circuits, adders, decoders, encoders, multiplexers, flip-flops, sequential circuit evaluation and design, registers, counters, reminiscence and programmable logic.

This course is designed to show college students how you can design a digital logic circuit to carry out a particular desired operate. This course will give college students a a lot better understanding of how the internals of a pc work. so our course goals to show college students the basics of digital logic design. Ranging from studying the essential ideas of the completely different base quantity techniques ( Binary – Decimal – Hexadecimal ) and their Conversions to primary logic parts and deriving logical expressions to optimize a circuit diagram additional. Additionally,

This course is structured in such a approach that every part is devoted to a particular subject with regard to digital electronics and Logic Design. Every part of the lecture describes the completely different instruments and strategies used to design digital logic circuits.

There are assignments and Workout routines all through this course that college students can use to place the speculation taught to sensible use.

After finishing this course, you’ll

1. Perceive all the basics of quantity techniques and carry out conversions between them.

2. Perform of logic circuits and how you can design them.

3. Classify Combinational Logic and Sequential Logic.

4. Tips on how to design a combinational logic circuit for a given state of affairs with the minimal variety of gates attainable.

5. Use all the usual strategies to reduce the logic gate necessities

6. Design sequential logic circuits like Counters and Shift Registers utilizing Flip flops.

7. Perceive the workings of assorted flip flops and latches and spotlight the variations between them.

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