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Dynamics Of The Atmosphere


This course begins with a examine of the function of dynamics within the common physics of the environment, the consideration of the variations between modeling and approximation, and the noticed large-scale phenomenology of the environment. Solely then are the essential equations derived in rigorous method. The equations are then utilized to necessary issues and methodologies in meteorology and local weather, with discussions of the historical past of the subjects the place applicable. Issues embody the Hadley circulation and its function within the common circulation, atmospheric waves together with gravity and Rossby waves and their interplay with the imply stream, with particular purposes to the stratospheric quasi-biennial oscillation, tides, the super-rotation of Venus’ environment, the era of atmospheric turbulence, and stationary waves amongst different issues. The quasi-geostrophic approximation is derived, and the ensuing equations are used to look at the hydrodynamic stability of the circulation with purposes starting from convective adjustment to local weather.



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