كورس متقدم عن فلاتر هيتم شرح فيه عن الارك اللي نقدر نستخدمهم عامه ومش شرط مع فلاتر

ف نقدر اننا نتعامل مع اركيتيكتشرز بتاع اندرويد زي





وهيتم شرحهم كلهم بأمر الله بالكود ونظري وكل واحد هنعمل بيه تطبيق كامل


اركيتيكتشرز بتاع


like viper sample

v view

i interactor

p presenter

e entity

r router

وهنتعلم البلوك باترن وهنعمل عليه مشاريع كتير

زي ال


cubit film

and many others

we have now 10 Apps

Go share

phramco reminder

behavior changer

climate app

film app

cash app

be calm down

quiz app

2do app

egypt trains

valorant sport

You’ll construct presentation layer, knowledge layer, area layer and software layer step-by-step. This structure is designed to make it simpler to create secure apps even when outer components reminiscent of UI, databases, or exterior APIs are all the time altering. It’s primarily a group of greatest follow design rules that make it easier to hold enterprise logic, or area logic, collectively and reduce the dependencies throughout the system. After finishing this course you may reuse the supply code of this course and customise on it to construct your clear structure with MVVM challenge in an expert approach

  • hands-on strategy for going by way of greater than 150 flutter widgets e.g MaterialButton, TextEditingController, Gesture detector, URL Launcher, Dio, Drawers, and a lot extra.

  • Responsive dealing with to ensure your flutter app matches nearly each display screen

  • Flutter Navigations

  • Portfolio of apps to impress recruiters and shoppers

  • Flutter Streams & Flutter Future

  • State administration from fundamentals to advanced matters like Supplier & Riverpod & Hooks

  • Flutter Internet free internet hosting on Firebase

  • Area title switch

  • Flutter Electronic mail authentication, FlutterGoogle authentication for internet and cell

  • Deep dive into No-SQL database (Firestore)

  • Design patterns like MVVM, MVC

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