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[Free] Introduction To Yaml – A Hands -On Course

What you’ll be taught

  • What’s YAML
  • The design objectives of YAML
  • All of the syntax and elements of YAML
  • Use circumstances of YAML together with Docker Compose and Kubernetes
  • Easy methods to load and dump YAML content material with Python


  • No Programming Expertise required
  • Some Laptop Fundamentals Required


This course is for Free!!

Are you studying DevOps?

Are you a pc science pupil?

Are you a Programmer?

Then, you need to study YAML now!!

Study some of the widespread information serialization languages for Free

What you’re going to get:

  • Free course
  • Full YAML Tutorial
  • YAML official Cheat sheet
  • A arms-on target the place you’ll be taught by doing
  • Python code to load and dump YAML
  • Docker-compose understanding
  • Kubernetes YAML file understanding

YAML is a human-readable information-serialization language. It’s generally used for configuration recordsdata and in functions the place information is being saved or transmitted. YAML targets lots of the identical communications functions as Extensible Markup Language (XML) however has a minimal syntax that deliberately differs from SGML.

YAML is line-oriented and thus it’s usually easy to transform the unstructured output of current applications into YAML format whereas having them retain a lot of the look of the unique doc. As a result of there are not any closing tags, braces, or citation marks to steadiness, it’s usually straightforward to generate nicely-fashioned YAML straight from distributed print statements inside unsophisticated applications. Likewise, the whitespace delimiters facilitate fast-and-soiled filtering of YAML recordsdata utilizing the road-oriented instructions in grep, AWK, Perl, Ruby, and Python.

The course has the next content material:

  1. Perceive what YAML is
  2. Knowledge Serialization
  3. YAML vs JSON vs XML
  4. YAML Design objectives
  5. Studying by doing YAML
  6. Understanding elements of YAML
  7. Defining a profile of a cricket participant with YAML
  8. Defining a matrix with YAML
  9. Use circumstances of YAML
  10. Studying YAML with Python
  11. Storing config file with YAML
  12. Docker-Compose file with YAML
  13. YAML in Kubernetes

Ihope you take pleasure in this free course.


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