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[Free] Learn Python From Scratch To Advance With Detailed Hands-On

Python for knowledge science – Free Course

What you’ll study

  • Learn Python from scratch to advance
  • Python OOPS idea
  • All of the Python ideas for knowledge science
  • Python tutorial with detailed hands-on


  • No programming expertise wanted. You’ll study the whole lot that you must know


This course will provide help to study python from scratch to advance with detailed hands-on on Anaconda Jupiter pocket book.

All of the subjects wanted for knowledge science and machine studying will likely be lined on this course.

The next subjects are lined on this course:

  1. Python Fundamentals – Variables, print capabilities
  2. Primary Information Sorts in python
  3. String operations in python
  4. Information Sorts like Checklist, Tuple, Set & Dictionary
  5. Python Conditional Statements: If-Else
  6. Looping statements: For loop, whereas loop, For-Else, and many others
  7. Checklist, Tuple, Set & Dictionary Comprehensions
  8. Python Capabilities
  9. Lambda Capabilities
  10. Iterable, Iterator, and Generator in python
  11. File Dealing with in python
  12. Exception Dealing with in Python
  13. Logging in Python
  14. Packages and Modules
  15. Python OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) – Class & Object
  16. Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism & Encapsulation in python
  17. Python connectivity to MySQL
  18. Python connectivity to MongoDB
  19. Python connectivity to SQLite
  20. Map, Scale back, Filter & Zip capabilities in python
  21. Python connectivity to Cassandra
  22. Numpy
  23. Pandas fundamentals
  24. Pandas Superior
  25. Visualization

and plenty of extra…

This course is all about sensible use and hands-on python. It can give attention to the implementation of python programming and can ship idea ideas on a necessity foundation. On the finish of this course, you’ll turn out to be a assured Python developer.

This course is a prerequisite for my upcoming Machine Studying & Information Science course.

Extra about Python:

Python is a dynamic trendy object-oriented programming language that’s simple to study and can be utilized to do loads of issues each massive and small. Python is what’s known as a high-level language. Which means it’s a language that’s nearer to people than computer systems. It is usually referred to as a general-purpose programming language as a result of its flexibility.

Python is object-oriented means it regards the whole lot as an object. An object in the actual world might be an individual or a automobile.

Python is an interpreted language that doesn’t should be complied with for instance java programming language.

It’s interpreted and run on the fly on the similar time.

Python has been utilized in loads of locations like in creating video games, for statistical knowledge and visualization, speech and face recognition.

What can Python do?

  • Python can be utilized on a server to create internet functions.
  • Python can be utilized alongside software program to create workflows.
  • Python can connect with database methods. It could additionally learn and modify recordsdata.
  • Python can be utilized to deal with massive knowledge and carry out advanced arithmetic.
  • Python can be utilized for fast prototyping, or for production-ready software program improvement.

Why Python?

  • Python works on completely different platforms (Home windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and many others).
  • Python has a easy syntax much like the English language.
  • Python has a syntax that enables builders to put in writing packages with fewer traces than another programming languages.
  • Python runs on an interpreter system, which means that code will be executed as quickly as it’s written. Because of this prototyping will be very fast.
  • Python will be handled in a procedural method, an object-oriented method, or a useful method. that doesn’t should be complied with for instance java programming language.

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