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[Free] Learning Easy Trade With Driver Indicators – Module 1 (Free)

Think Simple and Trade Easily with Driver Indicator. Get rid of the complexity of the indicators in financial markets. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Basic and necessary concepts to trade at financial markets
  • Risk-Return ratio and its importance and trade psychologies and their importance
  • A broker site that can be funded with Cryptocurrencies and things to consider when funding cryptocurrencies
  • How to trade easily using Driver Road Bands indicator


  • No conditions are required.


This training set is for those who are new to or will be entering the financial markets. Also, It is an ideal set for those who want to get rid of the complexity of the indicators in financial markets and trade with simple thinking. There are many indicators and trading strategies you can use in the financial markets. Too much information can cause confusion. For this reason, I wrote the “Driver Road Bands” indicator that you can use while doing technical analysis in financial markets. You can find this indicator on Metatrader4, Metatrader5 and Tradingview.

In this education set, I explained how to trade easily using the driver road bands indicator that I wrote. In first video of set, I touched on the driver road bands indicator and the necessary and than must-know concepts in financial markets. Such as, risk-return ratio and trade psychologies.

In the 2nd video, I talked about a reliable forex broker site where you can fund with cryptocurrencies. I explained the details of opening a referenced and advantageous acoounts then opening a demo account and cryptocurrency funding.

In the 3rd video, I explained how to download the driver road bands indicators in Metatrader4 and how to use Metatrader4 more efficiently.

In the 4th video, I explained the strategy of using the driver road bands indicator. Then, I opened a suitable long position in Forex.

In the 5th video, I explained the Pareto Principle (80-20 Rule) that how to use at trading open positions.

I hope this education set will be useful for you.

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