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[Free] Podcasting With Your Mpc

How do I add music to my podcast, find out where my listeners are and how to interact with them? – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a podcast using the MPC software
  • How to interact with podcast listeners using the reason platform
  • How to fade in and out your podcast music
  • How to add free samples into your podcast


  • MPC software


Making Music 4

The intention of this course is to serve as a tool to help someone who would like to use their MPC Studio MK2 controller and their MPC software to create a podcast. We will look at how to record the content of your podcast, how to add a free introduction beat and outro beat with Loopcloud. Also, we will look at how to fade in and fade out the music and then we will look at how to upload it to Reason. We will look at how to upload the episode and include the details for the episode as well as giving credit to the creators of the music that you are using in the episode as well. We will look at some of the benefits of using the Reason platform such as the ability to interact with your audience based on each episode as well as using the time stamp feature and also tagging other members on the website. We will also look at how Reason provides stats to let you know where in the world people are listening to your episodes, as well as which episode is trending and which one is the most popular so far.

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