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[Free] Spring Boot Restful Web Services Tutorial – Free Course

Study constructing REST API’s utilizing Spring Boot, Spring Information JPA (Hibernate) and MySQL for Worker Administration Challenge – Free Course

What you’ll study

  • Discover ways to construct RESTful webservices utilizing Spring Boot
  • Discover ways to develop three layer structure (Controller, Service and Repository) in Spring boot utility
  • Discover ways to join Spring boot utility to MySQL database
  • Discover ways to use Lombok library to scale back boilerplate code
  • Discover ways to use Spring Information JPA in Spring boot utility


  • Java fundamentals
  • Spring fundamentals


On this course, you’ll discover ways to construct REST APIs utilizing the most recent model of Spring Boot, Spring Information JPA (Hibernate), and MySQL database.

Spring Boot is mainly an extension of the Spring framework which eradicated the boilerplate configurations required for organising a Spring utility.

Spring Boot is an opinionated framework that helps builders construct Spring-based functions shortly and simply. The primary purpose of Spring Boot is to shortly create Spring-based functions with out requiring builders to write down the identical boilerplate configuration many times.

You’ll be able to obtain the supply code of this undertaking from my GitHub repository.

Instruments and applied sciences used:

– Java 16

– Spring Boot

– Spring Information JPA ( Hibernate)

– Lombok


– Eclipse STS

– Maven

– Tomcat

?Course Contents ?

1. Course Inro

2. Challenge Requirement and REST API Design

3. Fast Recap of JPA, Hibernate, and Spring Information JPA

4. Spring Boot Challenge Structure

5. Create Spring Boot Challenge in STS

6. Create Packaging Construction

7. Configure MySQL Database –

8. Create Worker JPA Entity –

9. Create Spring Information JPA EmployeeRepository –

10. Create Customized Exception

11. Construct Create Worker REST API

12. Construct Get All Workers REST API

13. Construct Get Worker By ID REST API

14. Construct Replace Worker REST API

15. Construct Delete Worker REST API

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