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From zero to a wide knowledge of quantum physics (mechanics)


Hi there, everybody!

Welcome to my new course about this stunning half of quantum physics, quantum mechanics. This isn’t one other course on Udemy telling you that you’ll be taught quantum mechanics.

This a course the place you can begin from zero, and be taught quantum mechanics. I developed academic strategies that may show you how to perceive quantum mechanics + all of the equations within the simplest way attainable.

You’ll be taught all the things about quantum mechanics

First, who educate you, quantum mechanics, on this course?

Andacs Robert Eugen:

  1. I studied astronomy and superior quantum mechanics and physics with probably the most prestigious professors and scientists from the Romanian Academy of Science)

  2. Over 2 years of expertise in educating quantum mechanics

  3. As a result of I maintain finding out superior physics with scientists all over the world, all the knowledge in my thoughts is recent, so I will not miss to let you know even the small particulars in quantum mechanics

  4. Nationwide Olympic at physics (Nationwide Physics Olympiad)

  5. I developed the most effective educating strategies, so everybody can perceive all the things, even laborious ideas, and after this course, quantum mechanics will likely be like 1+1=2 for you

Why select this course?

  • All the knowledge will likely be clear and effectively clarify

  • You don’t have anything to lose

  • The knowledge and educating strategies are supplied by Andacs Robert Eugen (be taught extra about my expertise above)

  • I’ll communicate pleasant and straightforward to perceive

  • You’ll be taught quantum mechanics even should you begin from zero



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