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Getting started with Azure Cloud


Necessary discover: The present model of this course is a preview, thus it’s not but full. Nevertheless extra modules might be added every week.

Microsoft Azure cloud is a cloud platform for deploying enterprise purposes. It have very wealthy set of providers organized round classes like PaaS (Azure App Service, totally managed database providers like Azure SQL Database for SQL Server, for Postgres, and even no SQL database like Cosmos DB), IaaS (like digital machines…), CaaS (like Internet App for containers, ACI, ACR, Container Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service AKS, ACR) and Serverless (like Azure Features, Logic Apps…).

  1. Course intro

  2. What’s the cloud

  3. Create a subscription

  4. Azure portal

    1. Tour of the portal

    2. Azure subscription (RBAC, price)

  5. Azure App Service & Plan

    1. Introduction

    2. Demo: Create Internet App

    3. Deploy .NET 6.0 Internet App utilizing VS Code

  6. Azure CLI

  7. IaC with ARM templates

  8. IaC with Azure Bicep

  9. IaC with Terraform

  10. Value of Azure providers

    1. Value administration

    2. FinOps for cloud

  11. DevOps for Azure

    1. DevOps with Azure Pipelines

    2. DevOps with Github Actions

  12. Container providers

    1. Internet App for containers

    2. ACI

    3. Container apps

    4. AKS

    5. ACR

  13. Storage providers

    1. Storage account

    2. SQL Server & Database

    3. Cosmos DB

    4. MySQL

    5. Postgres

  14. Compute providers

    1. Digital machine

  15. Community providers

    1. VNET & Subnet

    2. Load Balancer

    3. Visitors Supervisor

    4. Entrance Door

    5. Software Gateway

  16. Safety Providers

    1. Key Vault

    2. Defender for Cloud

    3. DDOS safety

    4. Azure Firewall

  17. Azure Arc

    1. Arc enabled for Servers

    2. Arc enabled for Kubernetes

    3. Arc enabled for Database

  18. Governance

    1. Mannagement group

    2. Subscription

    3. Useful resource group

  19. AuthN & AuthZ with Azure AD & RBAC

    1. Intro to Azure AD

    2. Service Principal

    3. Managed Id

    4. Azure AD customers & teams

    5. Assign roles

    6. Customized roles

  20. Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) & Touchdown Zone

  21. Sources

    1. Structure heart

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