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How To MAKE Comics – From concept, to pages, to publishing


Need to convey your comedian ebook concepts to life?

This course is designed to aid you convey your comedian ebook to life! To lastly convey your free concepts into one thing strong, one thing you may create, print, and even promote!! Do not let worry of beginning take over… sort out it!! Make your comedian now!

On this course we are going to cowl nearly 14 hours of content material together with –

  • What are Comics?

  • Developing with ideas and concepts

  • Character ideas with Clayton Barton 

  • Character sheets with Mike Van Orden

  • World Constructing – The Ws

  • World constructing – Structure and themes

  • Script varieties

  • Scripts with Steve Colle

  • Shot Sorts

  • Shot composition

  • Composition workout routines

  • Kinds of panels

  • Panel circulation

  • Tangents

  • Dynamic vs Static with Chris Graves

  • Storyline and Tempo

  • Story beats 

  • Thumbnailing Fundamentals

  • Storyboarding thumbs with Jean-Claude De La Ronde

  • Coloration

  • Lettering – Fonts, Dialogues, and Phrase Bubbles 

  • Lettering – Titles 

  • Lettering – impact

  • Typography with Todd Cowden

  • Cowl decisions

  • Printing with Barry Gregory

  • Comedian Cons with Dominic Glover *pending

  • Advertising with Rob Arnold 

  • Teambuilding with Rob Arnold 

  • Suggestions on submitted sequential work

As you may see, there is a ton of expertise within the teacher pool on this one. I’ve searched by means of pals, colleagues, and contacts to be sure that I introduced you perception into all elements of the method.

So no, this course is not designed to train you the way to draw, I’ve different programs for that, it IS designed to aid you convey WHATEVER kind of comedian you are trying to produce to fruition!

So, cease dreaming about possibly “someday” making your comedian, NOW is the time! Begin now… as a result of the earlier you begin, the earlier it’s going to get accomplished and you may lastly relaxation. hahahaha


Particular thanks to:

Clayton Barton (Aus)- Founding father of How To Draw Comics

Mike Van Orden (Thailand) – Artist/Teacher

Chris Graves (US)- Artist/Teacher

Jean-Claude De La Ronde (Can)- Storyboard Artist

Barry Gregory (US)- Founder and co-proprietor at Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Rob Arnold (Aus) – Author/Creator of REPLICATOR

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