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Image Classifier with Django and React


Image Classifier with Django and React, Assemble your particular person AI image classification internet software program!

For the following hours we’ll create our mission, step-by-step implementing new functionalities and understanding the foundations of how our frontend and backend works. On the end you need to have a up to date software program that may classify images for you and will retailer the classification historic previous.
Hi there there! Welcome to this course the place we’ll assemble an AI mission (Image Classifier) with the utilization of React, Django Leisure Framework and certainly one of many Keras pretrained fashions. In case you might have your particular person Convolutional Neural Group model created in Keras*, moreover, you’ll uncover methods to mix it with Django.

Can you get started and created a cool, fashionable mission that may look good in your portfolio??

*Please uncover that this is not a course on the best approach to create Deep Finding out Neural Group. We’re going to used a ready model from Keras functions. In case you might have your particular person model, you will understand how one can mix it with Django.


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