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Internal Combustion Engine Emissions & Control


Vehicles, vehicles, buses, and off-road autos are all thought of cellular sources of air air pollution.

Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons are launched when gasoline burns in an inner combustion engine. They might even be launched when car tailpipes emit air and gasoline residuals. Gasoline vapors additionally escape into the environment throughout refueling and when gasoline vaporizes from engines and gasoline programs attributable to car operation or scorching climate.

The pollution in engine emissions from autos and garden gear trigger harm to lung tissue and might result in and worsen respiratory illnesses, corresponding to bronchial asthma. Motorized vehicle air pollution additionally contributes to the formation of acid rain. The air pollution additionally emits greenhouse gases that trigger local weather change.

Diesel engines are sturdy and environment friendly. Nevertheless, as a result of they eat diesel gasoline, a sophisticated mixture of petroleum parts, they produce some pollution. A small quantity of the gasoline exits the engine unburned. These airborne hydrocarbons can type bigger particles within the environment once they contact airborne mud and different particles.

In contrast to gasoline engines, which can not get sufficient air into the cylinder for combustion, diesel engines function with extra air. Therefore, emissions of carbon monoxide are very low, although nonetheless measurable. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gasoline that mixes with blood and limits its means to move oxygen. Because the engines eat gasoline and air and create warmth within the combustion course of, nitrogen from the air could be remodeled into nitrogen oxides, reddish-brown gases that irritate the lungs and eyes.

Pollution emitted immediately from autos will not be the one trigger for concern. On heat, sunny days, hydrocarbons react with oxides of nitrogen to create a secondary pollutant, ozone. In lots of city areas, motor autos are the only most vital contributor to ground-level ozone which is a typical element of smog.

Course Define

Air Air pollution on account of IC Engine

Euro Norms / European Emission Requirements of IC Engine Emissions

Classification of Engine Emissions (Exhaust and Non-Exhaust Emissions)

Causes of Hydrocarbon Emission

  • Incomplete Combustion

  • Crevice Volumes and Move in Crevices

  • Leakage previous the Exhaust Valves

  • Valve Overlap

  • Deposits on Partitions

  • Oil on Combustion Chamber Partitions

Sort of Engine Emissions

  1. Hydrocarbon  Emissions from SI and CI Engine

  2. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Emissions

  3. Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) Emissions

  4. Photochemical Smog

  5. Particulates Emission

  6. Aldehydes and Lead Emission

  7. Oxides of Sulfur (SOx) Emissions

The best way to Control IC Engine Emissions by following methods.

Modification in Engine Design & Working Parameters

  1. Combustion Chamber Configuration

  2. Decrease Compression Ratio

  3. Modified Induction System

  4. Ignition Timing

  5. Diminished Valve Overlap

Emissions Control by Exhaust Fuel Oxidation

  1. Thermal Converters

  2. Catalytic Converters

  3. Exhaust Manifold Reactor

  4. Exhaust Fuel Recirculation

  5. Particulate Traps

  6. Crankcase Blowby

Emission Control by Modification of Fuels



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