On this course you may study iOS 16, Swift 5, iOS App Development utilizing UIKit & SwiftUI and newest frameworks from Apple, finest engineering and business practices on how you can develop iOS apps that scale.

The primary focus of the course might be:

  • get aware of iOS growth atmosphere: Xcode 14 and iOS 16

  • study what’s new in iOS 16

  • study fundamentals of Swift5

  • discover ways to construct apps utilizing Storyboards, SwiftUI and programmatically

  • grasp finest engineering and business practices associated to iOS growth

  • discover ways to use fashionable iOS frameworks: Mix, MapKit, CoreLocation

  • get expertise constructing apps with Networking utilizing Alamofire and URLSession

  • discover ways to construct UI programmatically utilizing PureLayout (which makes use of iOS Autolayout)

  • get expertise with design patterns akin to MVC & MVVM

  • discover ways to use Notifications & Delegates

  • find out how common expressions in Swift 5.7 work

The course has observe stay coding examples, course supplies akin to slides, instance initiatives, workout routines, quizzes and exterior references to assist solidify course supplies.

Swift is a robust language that Apple recommends to make use of for iOS growth. We are going to discover fundamentals and fundamentals of Swift 5 language along with studying extra superior ideas in Swift 5.

We are going to study by means of examples how you can use necessary parts of iOS (Desk Views, Assortment Views, Textual content Views, Buttons, Textual content Fields).

We are going to discover ways to use the newest SwiftUI to construct iOS apps. SwiftUI is a subsequent technology software developed by Apple that may be useful to construct iOS app quick in utilizing responsive and declarative statements. Mix is without doubt one of the newest additions from Apple that can be utilized successfully in apps to react to completely different occasions.

One of many necessary finest practices of growth is to make use of unit checks. Therefore, we will even discover ways to write unit checks in iOS.

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