It is a full course to study all of the hiragana characters, the essential Japanese alphabet. Due to illustrations, animated movies and clarification recorded by a local Japanese teacher, both in English or in Japanese with English subtitles, it is possible for you to to simply grasp  the entire hiragana chart together with 46 hiragana characters.

This course is customized not solely for absolute inexperienced persons, but in addition for those that wish to consolidate their primary data of hiragana.

As a result of along with the 46 characters of the hiragana chart (from あ to ん)

You’ll study :

– letters with dakuten (゛) similar to がぎぐげご (ga gi gu ge go)

– letters with handakuten( ゜)similar to ぱぴぷぺぽ ( pa pi pu pe po)

– compound letters similar to きゃきゅきょ or しゃしゅしょ

– the totally different pronunciations of ん

– pronunciation of phrases which embody lengthy vowels similar to とうきょう, おおさか and so forth.

– pronunciation of phrases which embody a small つ similar to こっち, もっと and so forth.

– the pronunciation of voiceless vowels similar to しか, つき and so forth.

– pronunciation of the particle は and the particle へ

– over 200 primary phrases (lots of them are taken from the vocabulary which you will have to study to go JLPT N5 examination)

– learn how to greet, say thanks, to apologize

– learn how to inform time

– how to talk about your job

– how to talk about your weekly routine

– how to talk about a spot

Additionally, you will study

– the geography of Japan with quite a few stunning photos

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