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JavaScript Certification Exam JSE-40-01 – Preparation


Now’s the time to get licensed for JavaScript!

JavaScript Institute JSE-40-01: Licensed Entry-Degree JavaScript Programmer

There are six follow assessments with preparation questions from all information areas.

Each query has a proof and a Attempt-It-Your self-Code

which you’ll be able to run to higher perceive the subject.

You possibly can obtain the Attempt-It-Your self-Code for all questions.

(The obtain hyperlink shall be in your welcome message.)

Exam Syllabus

Introduction to JavaScript and Laptop Programming

  • perceive the elemental programming ideas, reminiscent of: deciphering and the interpreter, compilation and the compiler, shopper-aspect vs. server-aspect programming;

  • have a primary information of the way to arrange and use a primary programming setting (on-line or native)

  • acquire abilities permitting them to run their first JavaScript program on the shopper aspect (each as a component embedded within the HTML web page and instantly within the browser console).

Variables, Knowledge Sorts, and Kind Casting

  • have the information and abilities to work with variables, i.e. naming, declaring, initializing and modifying their values;

  • perceive ideas reminiscent of scope, code blocks, shadowing, hoisting;

  • know the essential properties of primitive information sorts reminiscent of boolean, quantity, bigint, undefined, null, and have the ability to use them;

  • be accustomed to the essential properties of the primitive information kind string, together with string literals – single or double quotes, escape character, string interpolation, primary properties and strategies;

  • know the essential properties of complicated information sorts reminiscent of Array and Object (handled as a report) and have the ability to use them in follow.

Operators and Person Interplay

  • know what operators are and the way we classify them (by kind of operands, by variety of operands, and many others.)

  • have the ability to use project, arithmetic, logical, and comparability operators in follow;

  • have an understanding of the operation of the conditional operator and the typeof, instanceof, and delete operators;

  • perceive what the priority and associativity of primary operators are and have the ability to affect it by the use of bracket grouping;

  • have the ability to carry out primary two-manner communication with this system person utilizing the alert, affirm, and immediate dialog containers.

Management Move – Conditional Execution and Loops

  • have the ability to pressure conditional execution of a bunch of statements (make selections and department the move) utilizing if-else and swap instructions;

  • have the ability to pressure a bunch of statements to repeat in a loop utilizing the for, whereas, and do-whereas instructions, utilizing each dependent and unbiased circumstances on the variety of iterations;

  • perceive and have the ability to use loop-particular break and proceed directions;

  • have the ability to use the for-in assertion to iterate over properties of an object;

  • have the ability to use the for-of assertion to stroll by the weather of an array.


  • have the ability to declare and name features;

  • know the way to move name arguments to a operate and return the results of its operation from it;

  • perceive the idea of an area variable and the impact of shadowing variables with the identical names inside a operate;

  • know {that a} operate in JS is a primary-class member and have the ability to benefit from this by declaring features utilizing operate expression and passing features as arguments to calls of different features;

  • perceive the idea of recursion within the context of features and have the ability to remedy easy programming issues by utilizing it;

  • have a primary understanding of the callback operate and have the ability to use it asynchronously along with the setTimeout and setInterval strategies;

  • have a transparent understanding of arrow operate notation and have the ability to write features alternatively as a daily declaration, a operate expression, and an arrow operate.

Errors, exceptions, debugging, and troubleshooting

  • perceive the variations between syntactic, semantic, and logical errors;

  • perceive the idea of an exception and distinguish between the essential exceptions generated by JS when an error happens: SyntaxError, ReferenceError, TypeError, RangeError;

  • have the power to deal with exceptions utilizing the strive-catch-lastly assertion;

  • have the ability to generate their very own exceptions utilizing the throw assertion;

  • have the talents to make use of the debugger for primary evaluation of their very own code, together with: step-by-step execution, viewing and modifying variables, and measuring code execution time.



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