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Learn Basics of Delta WPL Soft PLC Programming


It is a complete course for studying the fundamental degree programing of Delta PLC in WPL Soft software program. You’ll be taught the logic designing of WPL Soft from scratch in a brief interval. No {hardware} tools shall be required to observe the course you’ll simply have to put in WPL Soft software program on you PC and you are able to do it. Elementary programming of WPL Soft shall be lined step-by-step by video lectures and assignments.

Course Define:

1- Introduction to the Course

2- Basics of Relay Logic (How Relay Works)

3- Introduction to Delta PLC

· PLC Communication Protocols

· Inputs, Outputs

· PLC Wiring

· Sink Supply

· NPN & PNP Sensors

4- Obtain and Set up WPL Software program

5- Basics of WPL Software program

· Creation of New Mission

· Choice of Machine

· Software program Interface

· Machine Configuration

· Software Field of Software program

· Programming Blocks

· Tag Creation

6- Software program communication with Simulator/PLC

· Simulator Setup

· Load Program in Emulator

· Monitor the Program On-line

· Ethernet Communication

· Load the Program to PLC

7- Primary Parameters

· Usually Open Contact

· Usually Shut Contact

· Output Coil

· Interlocking of Motors

8- Recollections Utilized in WPL Software program

9- Branches and Rungs

10- Digital and Ladder Logic

· Basics of Digital Logic Design

· Collection AND Operation

· Parallel OR Operation

· Reality Tables

· Digital Logic to Ladder Logic Conversion

· Project 1

11- Latching

· Latch and Unlatch an Output

· Set and Reset an Output

12- Timers

· On Delay Timer

   o Allow of Timer

   o Specifying the Period of Time

· Resetting a Timer

· Off-Delay Timer

· Retentive On-Delay Timer

· Project 2

13- Counters

· Up Counter

   o Resetting a Counter

· Down Counter

· Up-Down-Counters

· Project 3

14- Prolonged Directions

· Clock Cycle of PLC

· Rising Edge

· Falling Edge

· Optimistic Edge Set off

· Adverse Edge Set off

· Project 4

15- Comparator operations

· Equal (=)

· Much less Than (>)

· Better Than (<)

· Much less Than or Equal (>=)

· Better Than or Equal (<=)

16- MOVE Command

· Transferring Operands

· Transferring Constants

17- Arithmetic Operations

· Addition

· Subtraction

· Multiplication

· Division

· Project 5

18- Basics of HMI

19- Assignments

· Two Method Visitors Indicators Management

· Shade Mixing Scheme

· Chemical Processing Unit


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