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Learn to Build Mobile Games using Unity3D

About this Course

Unity is arguably the most popular cross platform game engine for mobile phones and tablets. You can target both iOS and Android app stores using this single powerful engine. This engine can help you build almost any game you can think of. This powerful engine is great for both 2D and 3D games.

Eduonix have worked with real game developers to bring out a course which is practical and powerful enough to get our students quickly ready for their next block buster title. This course does not assume any game programming experience but it will be great if you know basic of game design. The course starts with basic Unity intro and a detail look into its editor and scripting language. You will then work on actual game code along with the authors. The course will make you the Unity 3D Ninja and you can easily take on any gaming project.

Course Content

Section 1 : Introduction

1Introduction to the Unity3D2Introduction to Unity3D3Intro To Editor4Setting up the Sceneview5Components6Adding Components7Prefabss8Creating Assets9Scenes10Building 

Section 2 : Unity3D Primer

11Intro to Scripting12Variables And Functions13Public vs Private14Modifying Game Objects15Instantiating Game Objects16Capturing Input 

Section 3 : Collosion detection and Character Control in Unity 3D

17Intro To Advance concept18Collision Detection19Advanced Collision20Terrain21Character Controller22Animations And Gem Collection 

Section 4 : Unity 3D – Important Features

23Intro to Section24Building The Scene25Ball Spawning26Buckets27Detection and Score Keeping28GUIText 

Section 5 : Unity 3D – Advance Features

29Introduction to Advance Features30Main Menu and touch Inputs31Game Logic And GUI32Audio33Advance Game Logic34Building for Android35Building for iOS 

Section 6 : Summary


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