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Course Description:

Master Course of Data modeling is all concerning the course of of making a simplified diagram of a software program system and the information parts it comprises, utilizing textual content and symbols to characterize the information and the way it flows. Data fashions present a blueprint for designing a brand new database or reengineering a legacy software. General, information modeling helps a corporation use its information successfully to satisfy enterprise wants for data.

A knowledge mannequin will be thought of as a flowchart that illustrates information entities, their attributes and the relationships between entities. It permits information administration and analytics groups to doc information necessities for functions and determine errors in improvement plans earlier than any code is written.

Alternatively, information fashions will be created by way of reverse-engineering efforts that extract them from current methods. That’s achieved to doc the construction of relational databases that have been constructed on an advert hoc foundation with out upfront information modeling and to outline schemas for units of uncooked information saved in information lakes or NoSQL databases to help particular analytics functions.

Data modeling happens at three ranges—bodily, logical, and conceptual.

• A bodily mannequin is a schema or framework for a way information is bodily saved in a database.

• A conceptual mannequin identifies the high-level, consumer view of information.

• A logical information mannequin sits between the bodily and conceptual ranges and permits for the logical illustration of information to be separate from its bodily storage.

This weblog submit will primarily focus on logical information modeling.


Data fashions are made up of entities, that are the objects or ideas we wish to monitor information about, they usually turn into the tables in a database. Merchandise, distributors, and clients are all examples of potential entities in a knowledge mannequin.

1. Introduction of database, datamodel and information improvement course of

2. Parts of logical information mannequin schema

3. Enterprise information mannequin and information modeling strategies

4. Data modelng instruments for SQL server

5.  Data modeling in salesforce, energy bi and oracle

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Who this course is for:

  • Laptop Science, IT and Enterprise college students, Enterprise Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Corportate executives

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