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Microsoft Excel for Scientists and Engineers

In case you are within the discipline of science or engineering, you may Excel with this Microsoft Excel course!!

What you’ll study

  • Creating Charts: an XY scatter graph, XY chart with two Y-Axes, add error bars to your plot, create a mix chart
  • Utilizing Capabilities: Computing Sum, Common, Depend, Max and Min, Computing Weighted Common, Trigonometric Capabilities, Exponential Capabilities, Utilizing The CONVERT Operate to Convert Models
  • Conditional Capabilities: Logical Expressions, Boolean Capabilities, IF Operate, Making a Quadratic Equation Solver, Desk VLOOKUP Operate
  • Regression Evaluation: Trendline, Slope and Intercept, Interpolation and Forecast, The LINEST Operate, Multilinear Regression, Polynomial Match Capabilities, Residuals Plot, Slope and Tangent, Evaluation ToolPack.
  • Iterative Options Utilizing Excel: Utilizing Aim Search in Excel, Utilizing The Solver To Discover Roots, Discovering A number of Roots, Optimization Utilizing The Solver, Minimization Evaluation, NonLinear Regression Evaluation
  • Matrix Operations Utilizing Excel: Including Two Matrices, Multiplying a Matrix by a Scalar, Multiplying Two Matrices, Transposing a Matrix, Inverting a Matrix and Fixing System of Linear Equations.
  • VBA Consumer-Outlined Capabilities (UDF): The Visible Fundamental Editor (VBE), The IF Construction, The Choose Case Construction, The For Subsequent Construction, The Do Loop Construction, Declaring Variables and Information Varieties, An Array Operate The Excel Object Mannequin, For Every Subsequent Construction.
  • VBA Subroutines or Macros: Recording a Macro, Coding a Macro Discovering Roots by Bisection, Utilizing Arrays, Including a Management and Creating Consumer Kinds.
  • Numerical Integration Utilizing Excel: The Rectangle Rule, The Trapezoid Rule, The Simpson’s Rule, Making a Consumer-Outlined Operate Utilizing the Simpson’s Rule.
  • Differential Equations: Euler’s Technique, Modified Euler’s Technique, The Runge Kutta Technique, Fixing a Second Order Differential Equation.


  • Fundamental understanding of the Excel Interface.
  • Statistics, Calculus, Differential Equations and Numerical Strategies.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals within the fields of science and engineering

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