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MOSFET Crash Course


Hey there! Welcome to my ‘MOSFET Crash course’. On this course, The core ideas of MOSFETs like their building, working and purposes might be dealt.

After finding out this course, you’ll

1. Design logic circuits utilizing CMOS Logic.

2. Design a MOSFET Amplifier utilizing any one of many three combos (CS, CG, CD)

3. Use MOSFETs as digital switches.

4. Perceive the distinction between BJT and FET

5. Perceive the several types of FET and MOSFET

6. Know the formation of various logic gates utilizing PMOS and NMOS.

7. Know tips on how to use TinkerCAD, A circuit simulation device.

8. Use MOSFET to regulate digital parts like LEDs

9. Perceive the terminologies like Energy Consumption, Fan In, Transconductance and many others.

MOSFETS are extensively utilized in industries. Among the main purposes of MOSFETS are:

1. MOSFET is used for switching and amplifying electronics alerts within the digital units.

2. It’s used as an inverter.

3. It may be utilized in digital circuits.

4. MOSFET can be utilized as a excessive frequency amplifier.

5. It may be used as a passive component e.g. resistor, capacitor and inductor.

6. It may be utilized in brushless DC motor drive.

7. It may be utilized in digital DC relay.

8. It’s utilized in change mode energy provide (SMPS).



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