10 Most Commonly Used Programming languages in the world

10 Most Commonly Used Programming languages in the world

In This Article let us Learn some of the Most Commonly Used Programming languages which can help you get a Job in 2020. Crucial talent to learn in right now’s world is how to write a pc program. Right this moment, computer systems have entered nearly each business. Whether or not it’s the autopilot of an aeroplane or the digital speedometer of a bicycle, computer systems in varied kinds encompass us.

The Computer systems are extraordinarily helpful for a company to scale it. The times of pen and paper are over. Right this moment, in order to retailer and entry info, it’s completely essential to have computer systems.

Let us go on deep into some of the most commonly used programming languages that even today Most of the corporate world uses for their business. Lets have better picture of which programming language one should start with.

Communities of programmers and builders are rising at a sooner tempo than ever earlier than. A number of new programming languages are showing that adapt to the completely different classes of builders (learners, intermediate and consultants), in addition to to the completely different use instances (net utility, cellular functions, sport improvement, distributed system, and so on.) Each newbie asks himself: “What programming language should I learn?” Let’s check out the perfect programming languages to learn in 2020 for a job and for future prospects. in this let’s Talk about the Most Commonly Used Programming languages

List of Most commonly used Programming Languages

1. Python

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Python- actually tops the record. It’s broadly accepted as the perfect programming language to learn first. Python is a quick, simple to use and straightforward to deploy programming language that’s being broadly used to develop scalable net functions. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are all constructed into Python and that’s make python the most commonly used programming languages in the world.

Python supplies wonderful library help and has a big developer group. The programming language is a superb start line for learners. Talking of these in search of a greater job, you must learn Python as quickly as attainable! Many startups are utilizing Python as their major backend stack and this opens a terrific alternative for full-stack Python builders.

Here’s a pattern of the “Hello World!” Python program:

 print “Hello World!”

Sure, Python is that easy! Anybody who needs to be a part of a startup should grasp Python programming.
Problem degree: Straightforward to learn. Finest language for learners. 5 out of 5.
Job alternative: Big! 5 of 5.

Therefore Python makes one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world


  1. Creating and utilizing lessons and objects is simple thanks to the OOP options
  2. In depth library help
  3. It focuses on the readability of the code
  4. It has the power to scale even essentially the most advanced functions
  5. Supreme for constructing prototypes and testing concepts sooner
  6. Open-source with rising group help
  7. Offers help for a mess of platforms and techniques
  8. Very simple to learn and use


  1. Not appropriate for cellular computing
  2. Slower as a result of it’s an interpreted programming language
  3. The database entry layer is considerably immature
  4. Threading just isn’t good due to the GIL (World Interpreter Lock)

2. Java

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Java is one other standard choice in massive organizations and has remained so for many years. Java is broadly used to construct net functions on an enterprise scale. Java is understood to be extraordinarily steady, which is why many massive enterprises have adopted it. When you’re in search of a development-based job in a big group, Java is the language to learn.

Java can also be broadly used in Android utility improvement. Virtually any firm right now wants an Android utility as a result of there are billions of Android customers right now. This opens a terrific alternative for Java builders, as Google has created a superb improvement framework for Android-based on Java: Android Studio. Therefore Java makes one of the most commonly used programming languages to learn in 2020

Problem degree: Straightforward to average to learn. Four of 5.

Job alternative: Big. 4.5 of 5. [Best Java Tutorials and Courses]


  1. An abundance of open-source libraries
  2. Automated reminiscence allocation and rubbish assortment
  3. Observe the OOP paradigm
  4. Does the battery allocation system
  5. A excessive diploma of platform independence thanks to the JVM operate
  6. Extremely safe due to the exclusion of an specific pointer and the inclusion of a safety supervisor chargeable for defining class entry
  7. Supreme for distributed computing
  8. Offers a wealth of APIs to carry out completely different duties, corresponding to connecting to databases, networks, utilities, and XML parsing
  9. Helps multi-threading


  1. The absence of templates limits the creation of high-quality information constructions
  2. Costly reminiscence administration
  3. Slower than natively compiled programming languages corresponding to C and C++

3. C/C++

c++ language

C/C++ is just like the bread and butter of programming. Virtually all low-level techniques like working techniques, file techniques, and so on. are written in C/C++. If you’d like to be a system-level programmer, C/C++ is the language it’s essential to learn.

C++ can also be broadly utilized by competing programmers as a result of this can be very quick and steady. C++ additionally supplies one thing referred to as STL – Normal Template Library. STL is a set of ready-to-use libraries for varied information constructions, arithmetic operations and algorithms. The help of the library and the pace of the language make it a preferred selection additionally in the high-frequency enterprise group. This makes it a more valuable and falls among one of the most commonly used programming languages

Problem degree: Straightforward to average to learn. Three of 5.

Job alternative: Moderated! 3.5 of 5.


  1. Plenty of compilers and libraries to work with [C++]
  2. Facilitates entry to objects blocked or hidden by different programming languages [C]
  3. Quicker execution of applications than most programming languages [C/C++]
  4. It kinds the premise for understanding essentially the most advanced programming languages [C/C++].
  5. Language of selection for the event of multi-device and multi-platform functions [C++]
  6. It presents a excessive diploma of portability [C].
  7. Process-oriented language with a bunch of modules and performance blocks. These make debugging, testing and upkeep of the applications simpler [C]
  8. The applications are extra environment friendly and simpler to perceive [C/C++]
  9. A wealthy library of capabilities [C++]
  10. It runs shut to the system {hardware} and subsequently presents a low degree of abstraction [C/C++].
  11. Assist for exception dealing with and performance overload [C++]
  12. Large number of utility domains corresponding to video games, GUI functions and real-time mathematical simulations [C++].


  1. Advanced syntax [C/C++].
  2. Doesn’t help this system namespace [C]
  3. Unable to meet the challenges of contemporary real-world programming [C]
  4. Much less environment friendly object-oriented system in contrast to different OOP-based programming languages [C++].
  5. Want to manually create high-level constructions [C].
  6. No rubbish assortment or dynamic reminiscence allocation [C/C++].
  7. No runtime verify [C/C++]
  8. There isn’t any strict management of sort [C]
  9. Not a straightforward first selection for studying programming [C/C++]
  10. Tormented by buffer overflow and reminiscence corruption issues [C/C++].
  11. A smaller normal library [C]

4. JavaScript

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JavaScript is the “frontend” programming language. JavaScript is broadly used to design interactive frontend functions. For instance, when a button is pressed that opens a popup, the logic is applied by means of JavaScript.

Right this moment, many organizations, notably startup organizations, are utilizing NodeJS which is a JavaScript-based runtime atmosphere. Node.js permits builders to use JavaScript for server-side scripting to produce dynamic net web page content material earlier than the web page is distributed to the consumer’s net browser.

Due to this fact, now with JS, you should use a single programming language for each server-side and client-side scripting. In case you are in search of a expertise job in your favorite house, you must critically take into account studying JavaScript.

Therefore JavaScript makes one of most commonly used programming languages to learn in 2020

Problem degree: Straightforward to learn. 4.5 of 5.

Job alternative: Big! 5 of 5. [Best JavaScript Tutorials and Courses]


  1. Consumer-side JavaScript may be very quick. It runs instantly in the online browser as there isn’t a want to compile it.
  2. Provides a richer interface to an internet site
  3. Extremely versatile
  4. It is the programming language of the online
  5. Decreased demand on the web site server as a result of it’s on the consumer’s facet
  6. Common updates by means of the ECMA specification
  7. A number of add-ons, corresponding to Greasemonkey, to prolong the performance
  8. Simplified utility
  9. A number of assets and large group help
  10. It’s used to construct a various vary of functions
  11. Works exceptionally nicely with different programming languages


  1. Absence of copy or equal technique
  2. Permits for a single inheritance
  3. Because the code runs on the consumer’s machine, many individuals select to disable Javascript due to worry of being exploited by malicious intent
  4. Might be interpreted in a different way by completely different browsers

5. Go to the programming language

go language

The Go programming language, often known as Golang, is a programming language constructed by Google. Go supplies wonderful help for multi-threading and is, subsequently, being utilized by many corporations that rely closely on distributed techniques.

Go is broadly used in start-up corporations in Silicon Valley. Nonetheless, it has not but been adopted by Indian corporations/corporations. Those that want to be a part of a Valley startup specializing in core techniques ought to grasp Golang. It is one of the most commonly used programming languages in Startups.

Problem degree: Straightforward to average to learn Three of 5.

Job alternative: Average! 2.5 of 5. [Best Golang Tutorials]


  1. Backed by Google
  2. The truth that it is a static language makes it safer
  3. Cleaner syntax makes studying simpler
  4. In depth normal library providing a spread of built-in capabilities for working with primitive sorts
  5. Supreme for constructing SPAs (single web page functions)
  6. Clever documentation
  7. Very quick, because it’s compiled in machine code


  1. The absence of a digital machine makes advanced applications much less environment friendly
  2. Implicit interfaces
  3. Lacks versatility
  4. No GUI library
  5. Assist for libraries of the deprived

6. R Language

R language

The most commonly used programming languages for information evaluation and machine studying. R supplies a superb framework and built-in libraries for growing highly effective machine studying algorithms.

R can also be used for common statistical computing in addition to for graphics. R has been nicely adopted by corporations. Those that want to be a part of the “Analysis” staff of a big group ought to undoubtedly learn R.
Therefore R Language makes one of the most commonly used programming languages to learn in 2020

Problem degree: Straightforward to average to learn Three of 5.

Job alternative: Big. Four of 5. [Best tutorials R]


  1. Skill to run easily on varied working techniques
  2. An energetic and vibrant group
  3. The truth that it’s open supply and freed from cost provides the likelihood to make changes in accordance to the necessities
  4. Full statistical evaluation language
  5. Extremely extendable
  6. The highly effective ecosystem package deal


  1. Lacks security measures
  2. No strict programming tips
  3. Poor reminiscence administration
  4. The standard of some packages is decrease

7. Swift

swift language

Swift is the programming language used to develop iOS functions. iOS-based gadgets have gotten more and more standard. Apple’s iPhone, for instance, has captured a major market share and is giving Android stiff competitors. Due to this fact, those that need to serve this group can learn Swift programming.

Therefore Swift makes one of the most commonly used programming languages to learn in 2020

Problem degree: Straightforward to average to learn 3.5 of 5.

Job alternative: Big. Four of 5. [Best Swift tutorial]


  1. Automated reminiscence administration prevents reminiscence leaks
  2. With the help of Apple
  3. Improved scalability makes it simple to add performance to the product and/or incorporate extra builders
  4. It is simple to add new options
  5. Encourages builders to write clear, readable code
  6. The syntax comparable to English makes it very readable
  7. Interoperable with the C-Goal
  8. It’s attainable to combine the server-side Swift with any expertise
  9. It makes code sharing higher and the event course of sooner when used for each frontend and backend improvement.
  10. Very quick in contrast to different standard programming languages, corresponding to Goal-C and Python


  1. Restricted group help and assets
  2. Somewhat unstable as a result of he is a newcomer to the programming scene
  3. No help for legacy tasks; can be utilized just for iOS7 or later functions

8. PHP


PHP is without doubt one of the hottest programming languages. Though PHP faces stiff competitors from Python and JavaScript, the market nonetheless wants a lot of PHP builders.

Those that want to be a part of a fairly outdated group as a backend developer ought to aspire to learn PHP programming.

Problem degree: Straightforward to learn. 4.5 of 5.

Job alternative: Big! Finest PHP Tutorials and Programs


  1. The abundance of highly effective frames
  2. It is simple to begin making web sites
  3. First-class debugging with Xdebug
  4. The help of the large group and an enormous ecosystem
  5. Many automation instruments for testing and deploying functions
  6. There isn’t any scarcity of fine automation instruments for deployment and testing
  7. Helps purposeful and object-oriented programming paradigms


  1. Growing web sites fully in PHP is slower in contrast to utilizing different choices
  2. Gaps in phrases of safety
  3. Mismanagement of errors

9. C#

C Sharp

C# is a general-purpose programming language developed by Microsoft.

C# is broadly used for backend programming, sport constructing (utilizing Unity), constructing cell phone functions, windowing and plenty of different use instances.

Problem degree: Straightforward to average to learn. 3.5 of 5.

Job alternative: 2.5 out of 5. [Best C# tutorials and courses]


  1. Since pointer sorts will not be allowed, a lot safer than C and C++
  2. Skill to work with shared codebases
  3. Scalable and mechanically updateable
  4. Part- and object-oriented programming language
  5. It follows a syntax comparable to that of the programming language C
  6. Absolutely built-in with the .NET library
  7. Supreme for every type of Home windows improvement
  8. Wealthy library operate units and information sorts
  9. It helps the protection of the
  10. Quick compilation and execution instances


  1. Permits tips about “unsafe” blocks.
  2. Virtually all variables are references and the distribution of reminiscence is implicit in using a rubbish collector.
  3. Presents much less flexibility than C++
  4. It takes an honest time and effort to learn
  5. Error decision requires severe expertise and information



MATLAB is a statistical evaluation device used in varied industries for information evaluation.

MATLAB can also be broadly used in the PC imaginative and prescient and picture processing industries.

Problem degree: Straightforward to average to learn. Three of 5.

Job alternative: Big. Finest MATLAB Tutorials and Programs


  1. Facilitates the event of scientific simulation thanks to a wealthy built-in library
    Performance may be vastly expanded by including toolboxes
  2. Extremely environment friendly coding and productiveness because it doesn’t require a compiler to run
  3. Supreme for growing scientific analysis functions
  4. Matlab Coder permits you to convert code to be used in different programming languages, corresponding to C++, Java and Python
  5. Platform Unbiased


  1. Not free to use, requires the acquisition of a license
  2. There will not be many functions past the scope of numerical computing
  3. Dealing with errors generated throughout cross-compilation requires intensive information and expertise
  4. Slower – as a result of it is an interpreted programming language


Python and JavaScript are all the trend in the world of startups. Many startups use Django (Python), Flask (Python), and NodeJS (JavaScript) as their frameworks. Python and JavaScript are simple to learn and subsequently thought of the perfect programming languages to learn for learners. As well as, each additionally supply an enormous market alternative. Due to this fact, those that are in search of a job change may take into account studying them.

Java and PHP are in vogue in the company world. Many organizations use Spring (Java) and Codeigniter (PHP) as their net framework.

R and MATLAB are trendy in the world of knowledge evaluation. If you’d like to pursue a profession in Information Evaluation or Information Science, these are the languages to learn.

C/C++ and Golang are the perfect choices for constructing low-latency and scalable techniques.

I hope you may have already discovered the reply to “which programming language to learn first”. Be happy to ask your query(s) in the commentary, and I will be glad to reply it. Good luck!

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