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Node-js behind the scene [Arabic]


studying fundamentals of node-js is greate however  studying node inner construction and mastering occasion loop is way more higher.

what we’ll cowl ?

  1. Node Inside construction :

    • Life cycle on nodejs

    • C++ aspect of nodejs

    • Binding between c++ and js inside nodejs

  2. Grasp Occasion Loop:

    • what’s occasion loop tick ?

    • when occasion loop is begin working?

    • we’ll implement occasion loop to grasp loop habits as a substitute of diagrams.

  3. Is node a single thread?

    • confirm to your interviewer that node is’t a single threaded by writing code and benchmark it.

  4. Libuv Delegation:

    • what’s is the objective of libuv?.

    • how libuv improve nodejs efficiency?.

    • growing libuv thread pool measurement and benchmark our code.

    • thread pool with multi threading.

  5. OS Delegation:

    • what’s os Delegation?

    • when node and libuv determine to delegate this operate to OS?

  6. Complicated Nodejs Interview Query

    • you can be educated the best way to remedy advanced downside and the way your threads is distributed amongst your machine cores

  7. What’s occasion loop blocking?

    • we’ll write code to dam our occasion loop and measure how this blocking impression our efficiency.

    • we’ll find out how clustering and employee thread will assist us to lower the impression of the blocking.

  8. What ‘s Node cluster Mode ?

    • we’ll discover ways to run our program in cluster mode.

    • we’ll use pm2 for cluster managing.

    • How cluster mode remedy our occasion loop blocking?.

  9. what’s employee threads ?

    • we’ll discover ways to use employee thread.

    • How employee thread remedy our occasion loop blocking?.

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