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Operational Amplifiers: Linear Integrated Circuits


The course offers with having an entire understanding on IC741 – Operational Amplifiers, as an element

of Linear Integrated Circuits.

To grasp the ideas, there’s a video on ‘A evaluation on Community Principle’

The next are the contents mentioned:

1. What’s IC741?

2. Preferrred traits of OP AMP

3. Open loop configuration of OP AMP

4. The idea of digital brief and digital floor

5. Closed loop configuration – Inverting Amplifier, Non Inverting Amplifier

6. DC Traits

7. AC Traits – Slew Charge

8. Functions – Voltage Follower, Bufer,

Analog Inverter, Summer time, Subtractor

9. Log and Antilog Amplifier, Analog Amplifier

10. Differentiator, Integrator

11. Non Linear Functions – Half Wave Rectifier

12. Open Loop Comparator

13. Zero Crossing Detector

Issues on OP AMPs from aggressive examinations may also be solved.

An operational amplifier, or op-amp for brief, is a voltage amplifier with exterior suggestions parts akin to resistors and capacitors linked between its output and enter terminals. These suggestions parts decide the amplifier’s last perform or “operation,” and the completely different suggestions topologies, whether or not resistive, capacitive, or each, permit the amplifier to execute a variety of operations, incomes it the title “Operational Amplifier.”

Operational amplifiers have a big open loop DC acquire on their very own, however through the use of Unfavourable Suggestions, we will create an operational amplifier circuit with a really correct acquire attribute that’s solely depending on the suggestions employed. The time period “open loop” refers back to the absence of any suggestions parts across the amplifier, implying that the suggestions line or loop is open.



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