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Oracle 11g/12c Database Administration

Oracle 11g/12c Database Administration, Beginner info to Oracle Database Administration to help getting OCA.

Examine to become an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) in 5 weeks and become Oracle Database Administrator Licensed Affiliate (OCA).

“Oracle 11g/12c Database Administration” course follows a daily methodology in demonstrating course’s sections and there is a apply following each half.

When you want to put together and become an Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA) and Put collectively for an Oracle Database Administrator Licensed Affiliate (OCA), this course is the easiest for you.

On this course you may research:

  • Exploring the Oracle Database Construction
  • Placing in and Configuring Oracle Linux
  • Placing in Oracle Database Software program program
  • Creating Oracle Database
  • Understanding Oracle Database Devices
  • Managing Oracle Database Event
  • Configuring Oracle Neighborhood Setting
  • Managing Storage and Creating Tablespaces
  • Administering Shopper Secruirty
  • Managing Undo Data
  • Managing Data Concurrency
  • Auditing Oracle Database
  • Backup and Restoration Concepts and Configuration
  • Performing Backup
  • Performing Restoration
  • Shifting Data Using Oracle DataPump and Oracle SQL*Loader

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