PIC Microcontrollers Timer and Watchdog Timer

PIC Microcontrollers Timer and Watchdog Timer

Transfer to the subsequent degree in PIC Microcontroller Programming utilizing Register Manipulation to manage Time in your Tasks

What you’ll study

  • What are Timers
  • What’s Timer0
  • What’s the distinction between Timer0, Timer1 and Timer2
  • Methods to Interrupt the PIC when the timer overflows
  • Methods to take care of timer register
  • Methods to implement Delay utilizing Timers as a substitute of Delay Perform
  • Why you shouldn’t use the Delay Perform and the way it impacts your PIC Microcontroller based mostly mission
  • What’s a Watchdog Timer
  • How watchdog Timer might help save your life! and why it’s utilized in very important real-time initiatives?
  • Methods to take care of Watchdog Timer
  • Why Timers are an important Peripheral
  • Sensible Utility Examples


  • Primary expertise in Electronics
  • Primary expertise in PIC Microcontroller
  • A Will to use, not simply watch

  • PIC Microcontroller Geeks
  • Electronics Geeks
  • Anybody Desirous about Studying New Issues about PIC Microcontroller
  • Anybody Desirous about Studying PIC Microcontroller Timer Registers and easy methods to use them

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