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poultry farming Bacterial diseases hindering satisfying prod


aclear instance of poultry illness hinder satisfying poultry manufacturing is collibacillosis

That is the localized or systemic an infection brought on by avian pathogenic Escherichia Coli (APEC). It manifests in various methods comparable to acute fata septicemia, subacute pericarditis, airsaculitis, salpingitis/ peritonitis, cellulitis and lymphocytic depletion of bursa and thymus.

This an infection is seen worldwide in chickens, turkeys, and so on. Morbidity varies, mortality is 5-20%. The infectious agent is reasonably resistant within the setting, however is prone to disinfectants and to temperature of 80*c.


Colibacillosis causes elevated morbidity and mortality resulting in financial losses within the poultry farms particularly across the peak of egg manufacturing, decreased FCR and carcass condemnation at processing in broilers.

In Layers

There may be sudden mortality with the absence of typical medical indicators as a result of stress components related to egg manufacturing and systemically accompany by lower in egg manufacturing and improve of poor-quality eggs.

In Breeders

When contamination of eggs with E. Coli result in lower hatchability and when there’s in ovo contamination throughout incubation of eggs, this may even result in manufacturing of poor-quality chicks with poor livability.

In Broilers

When there’s systemic an infection, this may result in poor FCR (feed conversion ratio) and elevated mortality, pores and skin an infection will trigger irritation of subcutaneous tissue which is able to lead improve condemnation of carcass at processing degree.

in 9 part I  focus on crucial bacterial diseases have an effect on poultry

part 1 introduction

part 2 the right way to examine afield downside

section3 illness survailance  necropsy  – lab dignosis

section4 chalamidiosis crucial zoonotic  illness

section5  infectious coryza

section6  salmonolosis

part 7 fowl cholera

section8 mycoplasmosis

section9  colibacillsis



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