Previous to placement, business broiler farms ought to be ready to obtain new chicks. If litter has been recycled, it might be turned, handled, and/or in any other case managed to scale back ammonia, pathogen ,and bug load. Homes can be heated to supply enough temperature for the chicks and feed and water strains could also be primed in order that they’re at room temperature previous to placement. Temperature possibly uniform inside homes or a temperature gradient could also be supplied to permit chicks to raised

modify their particular person temperatures. If a temperature gradient is supplied, feeders and waterers ought to be positioned in order that birds can modify their temperature and nonetheless have simply entry to feed and water. Normally, chicks are positioned at a floor temperature of roughly 90-95°F (32.2-35°C) and temperature is decreased because the birds age at roughly 5°F (2.8°C)/week till the temperature is round 70°F (21°C). Nevertheless, this enormously varies based mostly on the administration system and breed of chicken so temperature ought to be adjusted based mostly on flock conduct . Many business broiler homes have some or intensive environmental management and the flexibility to implement normal program flock profiles for temperature and air flow. Chickens in these environments Temperature & air flow Uniformity of air flow is right to enhance flock efficiency. Poor air flow could pro-mote extreme litter moisture and improve the publicity of the chickens to enteric pathogens. Poor air flow could trigger extreme ammonia ranges, which may very well be detrimental to the well being and welfare of animals and staff  Extreme ammonia on the stage of the chicks could also be much less detectable to a standing human and excessive ranges may cause well being issues corresponding to corneal ulceration, conjunctivitis, and irritation/deciliation of the trachea thereby predisposing birds to respiratory pathogens. Broiler processing Based mostly on market wants, broilers can be processed at a goal weight or age decided by the person firm. Loading chickens into transport automobiles to maneuver to processing could also be completed at night time or early morning to lower bodily and warmth stress throughout loading. On the processing plant, misting or followers could assist maintain birds cool and cut back mortality whereas birds are ready to be processed. In colder areas, heating programs could also be wanted. Dealing with of birds at processing, together with unloading and shackling, ought to be completed in a approach to reduce trauma to the birds, which might not solely be a welfare concern however would result in elevated condemnations. Birds ought to be rendered unconscious and/or euthanizedin a way that doesn’t trigger undue stress, improve condemnations, or adversely have an effect on meals security.



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