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poultry farming viral diseases threaten poultry industry


Welcome my colleague my college students My title is Mohamed AL ashram Veterinarian writer teacher    I share with you expertise about  essential viral diseases  influence poultry industry  It’s believed that poultry manufacturing began in Asia

over 3000 years in the past. he breeding of chickens in captivity dates again to no less than 1400 BC in Egypt. However intensive poultry manufacturing solely started within the twentieth century.  he previous 100 years have seen a powerful progress, mainly within the manufacturing of chickens and eggs, turkeys, geese, and geese.  the arrival of vaccination for circumstances akin to Marek’s illness, as well as

to exceptional enhancements in vitamin, genetics administration, that has allowed the poultry industry to rapidly develop because the late Sixties. By the early Nineteen Eighties, breeding elevated  drastically in complexity  About 75% of poultry manufacturing  on this planet is

executed in intensive operations  Hen manufacturing Hen manufacturing is, by far, the biggest supply of poultry meat in  the world.

   turkey meat manufacturing is about 15 occasions smaller than hen manufacturing  The duck and goose industries signify about 7.5% of the world poultry meat manufacturing. EGG PRODUCTION The extremely intensive follow of cage operations dates again to the Fifties. It was first saluted as the perfect strategy to guard hens from unfavorable environmental circumstances, Between 1999 and 2009, the world’s manufacturing of desk eggs grew from round 49.8 million tons to greater than 62 million tons, with a

projected 16.5% enhance by 2015 to 71 million tons THE FUTURE OF POULTRY PRODUCTION Many present well being points will nonetheless play a big function in poultry manufacturing emphasis now and in coming years can be on enhancing Our capacity to regulate diseases Globally, there was a continuing enhance in poultry manufacturing Illness management excessive manufacturing product high quality

affordable manufacturing prices have been the current essential objectives of the poultry industry outbreaks of Newcastle illness, (ND), Infectious bursal illness (IBD) and Avian influenza (AI) Trigger vital losses Viral diseases can cut back flock efficiency

productiveness earnings with out showing as medical illness  Immune Suppression Results of viruses embrace: stunting, intestine illness, malabsorption, respiratory illness syndromes and immune suppression  Efficient vaccination packages require wholesome immune methods Viral diseases are widespread, insidious, persistent and require a structured biosecurity program

Viruses do their harm by inflicting main tissue harm or by opening the gates for different infectious brokers, akin to micro organism and mycoplasmas, which could even be current, simply ready for an opportunity to behave.  anemia virus (CAV) an infection. broiler flocks affected by medical CAV an infection from a vertically transmitting father or mother flock had a web revenue per 1000 birds

17 to 19% decrease, common slaughter weight 3.3% larger mortality fee  larger than that recorded in unaffected flocks.

Different work means that the melancholy of common weight could be as a lot as 12.8%. The foremost financial results of viral diseases stay beneath the floor mortality and medical illness  methods to examine afield downside on this part we focus on strategies for investigating a sick flock  statement of each factor in a go to  conducting necropsy The necropsy is crucial to

rapidly observe the interior lesions, set up a differential prognosis and determine on the plan of action

lab prognosis Diseases that have an effect on birds have a variety of overlapping medical indicators and visual lesions. Most often, samples have to be submitted to a diagnostic laboratory in an effort to present a definitive prognosis And determine the causative agent Laboratory strategies and devices utilized by the avian diagnostician are quite a few and could be fairly subtle.

Accuracy of the outcomes typically will depend on the standard of the samples submitted .An avian diagnostician interprets

the medical and laboratory outcomes to find out the reason for illness. intimately describe avian influenza new fortress illness virus gumboro Infectious bronchitis Duck virus enteritis duck virus hepatitis Avian Adeno Hemorrhagic enteritis of turkey I describe the medical indicators lesions prognosis management strategies



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