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PowerShell Practice Ground

What I hear, I neglect;

What I see, I keep in mind;

What I do, I perceive.

       — Confucius

  • So this course focus of solely Practice, Practice & Practice
  • The Final Goal of this Course is to extend your proficiency in utilizing PowerShell
  • This course incorporates 200+ Assignments, All are distinctive to one another
  • I’m including 5+ Assignments each week to this Course
  • Many of the Assignments may be resolved utilizing your native pc solely
  • To get probably the most out of this Course, I’m assuming you have already got a primary understanding of PowerShell
  • In case you don’t have primary understanding of PowerShell or You wish to refresh your PowerShell Reminiscence then please undergo course Mastering PowerShell from Newbie to Superior Stage
  • I’ve tried to rearrange the content material in such a method that very primary workouts are first with

    complexity growing all through the Course

  • Many assignments construct on earlier ones, so it is smart to undergo the e book so as
  • You’ll be able to all the time see the answer at any pint of time however I belief that you’ll take no matter time is important to unravel every train earlier than truly peeking the answer
  • In case you are nonetheless not sure about how or why it really works after seeing the answer and studying no matter trace notes may accompany it, your first step must be to re-read the total cmdlet assist, together with instance

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