Are you affected by anger points? 
Or know somebody who’s, and must cope with it?

The ZandaX Anger Administration course is written for anybody for whom anger performs a major half in their life, whether or not in themselves or others.

In the event you, a good friend or cherished one suffers from anger points, the state of affairs must be resolved, and we present you the way.

Simply assume how a lot your life will enhance while you’re capable of cope with the anger that is affecting you!

MODULE 1: What’s Anger?

This module incorporates:

  • The Lengthy Time period Results of Anger

  • Varieties of Anger

  • Triggers

  • What Causes Anger?

  • Battle or Flight

  • What’s Anger?

MODULE 2: Offended Volcanos

This module incorporates:

  • Easy methods to Spot a Volcano

  • The Intimidator

  • The Interrogator

  • What Are Offended Volcanos?

MODULE 3: Bottling up Your Anger

This module incorporates:

  • Abstract

  • Easy methods to Recognise a Black Gap

  • The Distancer

  • The Winder Higher

  • The Sufferer

  • Bottling up Your Anger – Being a Black Gap

MODULE 4: Controlling Your Anger

This module incorporates:

  • Controlling Anger: Utilizing THINK

  • Bettering your Communication

  • Lengthy Time period Anger Administration

  • Controlling your Outbursts

  • About Controlling your Anger

MODULE 5: Anger and Communication

This module incorporates:

  • 6 Steps to Speaking When Offended

  • Why You Specific Anger

  • The Three Parts of Communication

  • Expressing Anger

MODULE 6: Coping with Offended Individuals

This module incorporates:

  • Anger is OK however Unhealthy Behaviour is Not

  • Self-Preservation when Coping with Anger in Others

  • Coping Methods – The SOFTEN Acronym

  • About Coping with Offended Individuals

MODULE 7: Utilizing Anger for Constructive Outcomes

This module incorporates:

  • Channelling Your Anger

  • The Yerkes-Dodson Curve

  • Utilizing Anger to Encourage You

  • Can Anger Be Constructive?

MODULE 8: Assertiveness, Negotiation and Management

This module incorporates:

  • Staying in Management

  • Negotiation

  • Aim Setting

  • Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

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