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Practical JavaScript & TypeScript Mastery with Projects


On this course, you’ll be taught completely different ideas of JavaScript and ECMA Script 6 in a whole sensible hands-on primarily based strategy.

There isn’t any prerequisite for this course. Anybody with an curiosity to be taught will be capable of get began.

This course not solely covers completely different subjects of JavaScript and ES6 from scratch but in addition has many tasks and real-world eventualities that may make an actual fashionable JavaScript developer.

Following are the subjects that will likely be lined on this Javascript Mastery course:

  • Setup Set up

  • JavaScript Introduction

  • ECMAScript evolution

  • Several types of Information sorts in Javascript

  • Variables & Constants

  • Several types of Feedback in Javascript

  • Numerous Operators and their engaged on Operands

  • String and String manipulation

  • What’s Variable Scoping

  • Management assertion like if, else, switch-case-break

  • Loops – for, for of, forEach, whereas, do-while

  • Working with Arrays

  • Working with Objects

  • What are Capabilities and create customized capabilities and name them

  • What’s the usage of Immediate

  • What’s the usage of Verify

  • What’s the usage of Alert

  • What’s Doc Object Mannequin(DOM)

  • DOM manipulation utilizing Javascript

  • Occasion and Occasion Listener

  • Set Timeout and Set Interval

  • Clear Timeout and Clear Interval

  • Date and Time operation and utilizing its numerous strategies

  • Working with Math Object

  • Working with JSON

  • Window and doc object

  • location and historical past

  • localStorage and sessionStorage

  • Calling API with Fetch

  • What’s the Ternary operator and use it.

  • What’s the Array Filter perform and use it.

  • Debugging and Troubleshooting in JavaScript

  • Template literals (Template strings) in ES6

  • Object Destructuring project in ES6

  • let and const

  • Unfold operator

  • Arrow perform expressions

  • We will even do A number of tasks with the intention to perceive completely different ideas.

  • Additionally, you will get the entire supply code of the entire course

  • Welcome to this Typescript and React Typescript Masterclass course.

    On this course you’ll the next:

    • What’s Typescript

    • Distinction between JavaScript and Typescript

    • Options of Typescript with Actual Practical Handson Examples for every idea

    • Study to put in and use required software program

    • What’s Transpiler

    • What’s the distinction between Transpiling and Compiling

    • Writing Compiling and Operating our first Typescript program

    • Transpiling in watch mode for any new modifications

    • Variable declaration and scopes – let const var

    • Information Varieties rationalization

    • Declaring variables with Information Varieties

    • Template String in Typescript

    • Sub sorts in Typescript

    • Arrays and Tuple in Typescript

    • Enum in Typescript

    • Any sort in Typecsript

    • Unknown sort in Typescript and Kind casting

    • Kind inference in Typescript

    • Multi sort or Union sort in Typescript

    • Capabilities and Typescript

    • Non-compulsory perform parameters in Typescript

    • Default perform parameters in Typescript

    • Why we’d like Interface in Typescript

    • Interface Instance

    • Class and Object in Typescript

    • Inheritance in Typescript

    • Entry modifiers in Typescript

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