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Practical Python for Dummies Beginner to Advance Course


On this course you’ll study every thing about Python programming language.

The very best half is you do not have to have any earlier programming expertise to study and begin making use of Python programming language.

We’ll begin by studying the next:

1. You’ll study to set up Python and Python growth atmosphere

2. You’ll study variables and totally different naming conventions used for variable declarations.

3. You’ll study totally different Knowledge Varieties in Python and when to use which information kind.

4. You’ll study several types of Loops in Python and when to use which kind of loop.

5. You’ll study Conditional Construction like If Else, If Else If in Python and when to use which kind.

6. You’ll study Collections like Listing, Tuple and the variations between them.

7. You’ll study Dictionary and the way to use it

8. You’ll study to use collections and loops and management construction collectively to implement totally different use instances

9. You’ll study to write Features in Python

10. You’ll study to name one operate with or with out parameter from one other operate.

11. You’ll study Operators and Operands and carry out totally different operations.

12. You’ll study priority and the way to use it in arithmetic operations.

13. You’ll study Kind Casting one Knowledge Kind to One other Knowledge Kind.

14. We may even be creating a number of small tasks for making use of the ideas that we’ll study.



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